5 Products to Aid with Lymphedema

5 Products to Aid with Lymphedema

For those living with lymphedema, it’s important to understand your condition and know what can help you live a more comfortable life with less pain. There are items on the market that will make it easier for you to deal with lymphedema. Take a look at these various products and things that can help you live more comfortably:

Compression wear

When it comes to lymphedema products, it’s really helpful to have compression wear in your home. There are times when you may need some pain relief and reduced swelling in your day-to-day life. Fortunately, compression gear can help you manage your condition in between your physical therapy visits and lymph drainage massages.

Some people with lymphedema may feel a bit uncomfortable using compression gear because it can draw attention. However, there are several fun compression gear styles available online that’ll allow you to take care of your lymphedema fashionably.

Natural skincare

Because taking care of your skin is really important when living with chronic swelling and lymphedema, you need to stock up on the best skincare products possible.

Obviously, the more natural the product is, the better. Keep in mind that you need cleansers and moisturizers so that you can keep your affected limb clean. Purchasing the right products for your skin can also prevent the affected area from drying, which can lead to chafing and cuts. What you are striving to avoid is infection. Practice a skincare routine every evening to make sure your skin stays healthy and infection-free.

Basic compression pumps

Many people will visit their physical therapist for massage therapy for their lymphedema, but there are also compression pumps designed to be used at home. Because you want to avoid fluid buildup, check out compression pump products to help you manage your condition at home.

You want to avoid pain and other issues related to fluid buildup, and investing in the right compression pump can make your life a lot easier. Alternatively, you may feel better visiting a physical therapist to help you manage your swelling and make sure you’re doing the exercises and massages right.

Healthy food subscription

Weight management is very important for people with lymphedema, as obesity can cause further issues with swelling, and you want to avoid this. In advanced cases, your medical provider may suggest liposuction, but if you’re relatively healthy, consider getting a healthy food subscription that focuses on anti-inflammatory foods and foods rich in omega-3 so that you can easily manage your weight.

A grocery delivery app can also make it easy for you to quickly order nutritional foods and improve your health by delivering groceries right to your house. This way, you can prepare healthy meals at home. 

Gym membership

It’s important to get exercise. Avoid weight gain and stay healthy through exercise. While high-impact exercises are not suggested since they can lead to lymphedema swelling, you can do things like swim, walk, and bike. So, whether you get a gym membership or practice these activities elsewhere, make sure to incorporate exercises that are comfortable for you to do to help you manage your condition and stay healthy.

In Conclusion

If you want to take care of your lymphedema and live the healthiest life possible with your condition, you may want to consider some products that can help you do just that. From compression pumps and gear to skincare products and therapy, there are many different ways to manage your condition and manage pain and swelling.

It’s not fun to have lymphedema, but the right products can make it easier for you to live the life that you want.

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