5 Health & Wellness Tools to Improve Your Day

5 Health & Wellness Tools to Improve Your Day

When you’re struggling with your mindset and mental health, it can feel like an uphill battle. At times it can feel like things might never be okay again – but that isn’t the case (honestly, things will get better). 

Often, it simply takes a few small changes to help get your mental health back on a healthier track – they might not fix the problem altogether, but they can help to make managing symptoms easier and getting on with day-to-day life more doable. 

The good news is that when it comes to improving your day while also boosting your mental health, there are a number of tools that can give you a helping hand. 

Wondering what these tools are? Below is a guide to five health-and-wellness tools that will help to improve your day. 

  1. Journaling 

Whether you struggle with your mental health or simply find yourself becoming stressed or anxious, journaling can be a great outlet for those feelings and can help to make managing your mood a little easier. 

Keeping a journal may help to make monitoring your feelings and understanding what’s causing you to feel anxious and stressed a little easier. Being able to share your feelings – even if just in a journal – helps you to validate them, as well as making it easier to let go of negative ones. 

There are lots of options when it comes to journaling, from blank dotted notebooks where you can create your own journal to pre-designed journals made with mental health and wellness in mind. 

If paper journaling isn’t your thing, there are also lots of journaling apps, many of which have been made especially for boosting mental wellbeing. 

  1. Breathing.ai 

Breathing.ai is a browser extension that can be used to adapt your screen to elevate your health, mood, and performance, and can be a great way to give your day a boost. 

The tool is designed with mindset and mental wellness in mind, and aims to help encourage regular breaks and a less-stressful working environment, while also boosting happiness and feelings of contentment. 

Simply download the Breathing.ai extension onto your computer, activate it, and you will begin to receive personalized reminders in accordance with your screen time and your wellness goals and stress level. 

The program is designed to make screen time less damaging to mindset and mental health by incorporating regular break reminders and calming colors to help reduce feelings of stress and tension. 

  1. Calm app 

If you find yourself becoming stressed, feeling anxious, or finding it hard to sleep, the mindfulness and meditation app from Calm could be a good tool to utilize. 

Simply download it onto your phone or tablet, and you can begin to improve your mindset and mental health through the app’s wide range of programs, from emergency meditations for beating stress to sleep soundscapes that can make drifting off (and staying asleep) easier. 

There’s a free version of Calm as well as a Premium version – the free version has plenty of programs on hand to help make your day feel a little calmer. 

  1. Mindful coloring

Whether you choose to use a mindful coloring app on your smartphone or tablet or you treat yourself to a physical coloring book and pencils, coloring can be a really great way to reduce stress. 

The process of coloring is therapeutic and mindful and can make reducing feelings of anxiety and stress simpler and easier to achieve. There’s something wonderfully tranquil about coloring, which is why it can be such a great tool for mindfulness. 

Aim to set aside a few minutes each day to do some mindful coloring to help give yourself the breathing space that you need. 

  1. Fiit app

It’s a well-known fact that staying active and keeping in shape can help to aid wellness, which is why tools like the Fiit app can be so useful as a daily mindfulness tool.  

What’s great about the Fiit app is that there are various options to choose from, from hardcore workouts that will get you sweating to calming and relaxing meditation-based programs, like yoga. 

So whatever you find aids your mental health, the Fiit app should be able to help with that –  it has plenty of programs for you to choose from. 

There you have it – a guide to five wellness tools that should help to improve your day. Utilize these tools and you can give yourself a better chance of a happier and less stressful day. 


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