20% Myocarditis Proven in People Who Took the Covid Vaccine

20% Myocarditis Proven in People Who Took the Covid Vaccine

It has been just revealed the fact that 20% of myocarditis cases have been proven in people who took the covid vaccine. Check out the latest reports below.

Myocarditis following the covid vaccine

Here is a relevant tweet that highlights the issue.

“Dr Chris Alan Shoemaker in Canada.

A Shocking Revelation.

A 20% occurrence of Myocarditis proven in those who took the vaccine. 200,000 people per million.

“50% or 100,000 of those will die within 5 years. That’s a medical fact.”

There are people who made obscene profits from their partnership with Big Pharma companies like Moderna and Pfizer and who were in a position to know.”


The same notes continued and said the following:

“British PM #Sunak stated in Parliament that the Covid vaccine was “safe and effective” It was then exposed that he had purchased $500 million of investment shares with vaccine producer Moderna through a tax haven in the Caymen islands with a company called Thelema Partners. How many others also took advantage from their privileged positions and potential insider knowledge to allow harm to happen to the British people and people around the world while they made profits from the vaccine rollout.? In the UK by the end of August 2022, of those aged 12 years and over: 93.6% had received a first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine. 88.2% had received a second dose. 70.2% had received three or more doses.

The deaths could be staggering in Britain alone. How many of the elitists and members of the #WEF2030Agenda cult knew? All by design.”

Check out the following tweet as well:

“The number of YOUNG PEOPLE having Heart Attacks and Cardiac Arrest is rising at an alarming rate.

Other medical conditions that are on the rise in young people (in some cases to epidemic proportions) include:

1. Diabetes
2. Obesity
3. Cancer
5. Multiple Sclerosis
6. Depression
7. Strokes

None of the scientific reports on any of these increases mentions a vaccine.

All of these numbers have been on the rise for years, including the rate of heart conditions and strokes.

The main contributors are:

a. Diet
b. Stress
c. Lack of exercise

The above contributors are generators of CHRONIC INFLAMMATION.

Chronic inflammation is at the core of EVERY medical condition. Everything from Depression, Parkinson’s
Cancer, Heart Conditions they are all strongly linked to inflammation.

You can verify this by Googling the name of ANY medical condition along with the word “inflammation.”

Scientific studies will come up in your search results that link that condition with inflammation.

Keep in mind that the suffix “itis” means “inflammation of.”

Arthritis is inflammation of the joints.
Myocarditis is inflammation of the heart muscle or myocardium.
Bronchitis is an inflammation of the bronchi.

LeBron James addresses the covid vaccine

LeBron James, the star player for the Lakers, has confirmed that he received the vaccine. He believes that everyone should have the choice to decide what is best for themselves and their loved ones.

Despite being hesitant at first, James did his research and decided that getting vaccinated was the best decision for him, his family, and friends. The Lakers’ basketball operations president, Rob Pelinka, expects all players on the team to be fully vaccinated before their first game on October 19th. Although forward Anthony Davis believes that everyone on the team has already been vaccinated, he cannot confirm it.

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