2 Tips To Restore The Hair’s Original Color – Reversing Aging?

2 Tips To Restore The Hair’s Original Color – Reversing Aging?

There might be some pretty amazing ways to restore your hair’s original color. Check out the latest reports about this below.

Some people feel old when they have white hair and choose to dye it, but frequent dyeing may be harmful. There are varying reasons why some people have more white hair than others, and there is interest in restoring white hair to its original color. According to an interview with Ms. Chen Junru, director of Taiwan Wonderful TCM Clinic, ensuring adequate nutrition and eliminating free radicals and waste are important factors in reversing white hair. Hair has the following three layers:

Cuticle: The outermost layer’s primary function is to protect the hair’s inner structure.
Cortex: The middle layer controls the hair’s strength and elasticity and contains melanin, which determines hair color.
Medulla: The medulla is the innermost core, but not all hair contains this layer.

Hair follicles have melanocytes that produce melanin, which is responsible for hair color. As people age, melanocyte activity decreases, causing less production of melanin and resulting in white hair.

Can you turn white hair to its original color?

The causes of white hair may be due to genetics, age, stress, or an excessive attack of free radicals on melanocytes caused by energy deficiencies in the body. If genetics are not the cause, it may be possible to reverse white hair. To do so, it is important to ensure adequate nutrition throughout the body to nourish the hair. Replenishing relevant energy with surplus nutrients can naturally restore hair to its original color. Ms. Chen, a clinical practitioner, has encountered patients who regrew their natural hair color after improving their overall health.

There is a relation between white hair and organ imbalances. Aging is a natural process of hormonal changes in the human body. TCM can slow down the aging process through kidney nourishment, according to Ms. Chen. TCM treatments for kidney nourishment include Eight-Ingredient Rehmannia Pill, Golden Chamber Pill for Tonifying the Kidney, Left Kidney-Restoring Pill, Right Kidney-Restoring Pill, and Tortoise Shell and Deer Horn Two Immortals Glue.

Improving mood, reducing stress, and enhancing sleep quality can aid the body’s repair process during rest and help eliminate harmful substances. Ms. Chen emphasized that immediate results are not possible, as repair takes time. However, with proper healthcare, the rate of degeneration can be slowed down.

According to TCM, the health of internal organs is closely related to the appearance of white hair. Chinese medical theory suggests that the liver stores blood, and hair is the residue of blood. This implies that the liver stores blood for other organs before nourishing the hair.

A healthy spleen and stomach are also vital for nutrient absorption. If the spleen and stomach are imbalanced, the body’s nutritional requirements may not be met. Practicing healthy habits can help maintain a balanced system.

Maintaining a balanced system can be achieved by practicing healthy habits. Good daily routines and dietary habits can improve spleen and stomach function and promote hair health. According to veteran TCM physician Shu Rong, the location of white hair can reflect the health status of different organs. For instance, white hair on the forehead may indicate spleen and stomach imbalances and excessive worrying. White hair at the temples may reflect liver and gallbladder dysfunction, while white hair at the back of the head may be due to insufficient kidney qi or other chronic health issues.

Proper hair nutrition

Proper nutrition is essential for nourishing hair. Ms. Chen recommends following nourishing and balanced diets to promote hair health.

According to The Epoch Times’ notes people follow the nourishing and replenishing blood concept in TCM for hair care. This can be achieved using Chinese medicinal herbs such as:

“Diel’s millettia, Ecliptae herba, donkey-hide glue, black sesame, and fleeceflower root.”

To promote healthy hair growth, it is important to provide essential nutrients like vitamin B, folic acid, protein, iron, zinc, cobalt, and more. Combining different approaches can be helpful. Ms. Chen, a hair expert, also points out that poor nutrition resulting from an unhealthy diet can cause hair loss. One common situation she sees in her clinic is women experiencing significant hair loss during their menstrual periods due to excessive blood loss, which often happens because of insufficient nutritional replenishment. To nourish hair, she recommends consuming hair-nourishing porridge and tea to achieve beautiful, healthy hair.

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