12 Of The Largest Banks In The US Shock People

12 Of The Largest Banks In The US Shock People

It has been just revealed that 12 of the most important banks in the US have notified their customers that they are ceasing to require their services – this is effective midnight on Thursday, December 14th. Check out the latest reports about this below.

Shocking news in the banking sector

Check out the following post shared on the social media platform X:

The post on Twitter continued and said the following:

“The mainstream media (MSM) won’t release this information, making private channels the sole source. Every employee in financial institutions is bound by non-disclosure agreements (NDAs). While some remain tight-lipped, others are so enthusiastic about the positive developments that they can’t resist sharing the information with friends or family. I make an effort to verify the information I publish with at least one additional source. The decision to believe it or not, or to conduct your own investigation, is yours.”

Someone else said this: “Banks are shutting down branches in rural areas in the UK. Not profitable. Not so many people use banking services or cash at a branch. A lot more on line. This helps wean people off cash and sets trend for the upcoming CBDC era.”

It has been just revealed the fact that the EP and member states have reached an agreement about digital ID. Check out the latest reports and the video below.

EP and member states on the digital and CDBCs

Here’s the post, which includes the video on the social media platform X.

“The European Parliament and Member States just reached an agreement on introducing the Digital Identity, #eID. Directly afterward, #EU Commissioner Breton said: “Now that we have a Digital Identity Wallet, we have to put something in it…”, suggesting a connection between #CBDC and eID. They ignored all the privacy experts and security specialists. They’re pushing it all through,” the post notes.

The same person continued and said: “I am not optimistic. But it is not too late yet. Parliament still has to vote about this. Let your MEP know that you oppose the Digital Identity and that you want your MEP to vote against it!”

CBDCs are part of the elite’s plans included in the New World Order.

We strongly suggest that you check out the threats of the NWO in another recent article in which we address the debate between Alex Jones and Tucker Carlson on the matter.

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