100% Of Kids 14-16 With mRNA COVID Vaccine Induced Myocarditis Have Damaged Hearts

100% Of Kids 14-16 With mRNA COVID Vaccine Induced Myocarditis Have Damaged Hearts

It’s been revealed that we are killing our kids or making them extremely sick with the covid vaccines. They have to stop, as even Bill Gates addresses their uselessness.

According to the latest reports, the injuries that people who get the mRNA vaccines are seeing are more than serious.

“Important data was published over the past 24-hour most people were not made aware of. That was mainly because the media had buried it, and “medical experts” refused to report on it.”

The same notes reveal the following: 

“To explain, 2 new bombshell studies recently surfaced. One indicated 100% of kids with mRNA COVID vaccine myocarditis had meaningful heart damage after 3-6 month follow up with their medical doctors — that evidenced by LGE on MRI cardiac screenings and more. Next, authors Thorp et al found that US COVID vaccine administration was linked to a 145-times increase in reports of menstrual abnormalities and other problems with pregnant women. There is much more covered in this publication.”

Check out the original article in order to learn more details about all this. 

Bill Gates addresses the covid vaccines 

It looks like Bill Gates himself is acknowledging the fact that the covid vaccines do not work. Just take a look at the following video that we found on Twitter and find out what’s Gates’ latest health advice for fighting covid.

Well, here’s a potential solution that he might be pushing:

Stay tuned for more news. 

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