You can keep a Healthy Diet, even if your Budget is Low

You can keep a Healthy Diet, even if your Budget is Low

No matter the budget, we are all eating a lot of home-cooked meals lately. And that’s something good, actually. No more junk food. or, at least, not as much. Junk food has the advantage of being cheaper than food in restaurants, and it is one of the main reasons for being so popular.

But since we’re still isolated and we’ll continue to be so for a while, maybe it would be a good thing to change dietary habits. Even if you are currently unemployed or on a budget, and groceries are a burden when it comes to finances, there are ways to do it. Food can be both cheap and healthy. Dietitians agreed on a list of such products.

Beans are filled with minerals and they give many options. Canned or dried, beans are a cheap filling food. If you know your way in the kitchen and like to cook, the dried version is cheaper and it gives you a lot of options to prepare.

Whole grains are indispensable for your health. And there are plenty of sources that aren’t so expensive: quinoa, brown rice, and wheat berries. Brown rice is one of the richest sources of fiber, proteins, minerals, and vitamins.

Oats are an important source of protein, minerals, and fiber, and you can eat them as they are, for breakfast. Or, you can use oat flour to cook delicious pancakes.

Frozen veggies and fruits are a cheaper version of fresh vegetables and fruits. All dieticians agree that they a central pillar of a healthy diet. The frozen version keeps almost all the properties of fresh ones, and they are more affordable. Also, when you have fresh ones and you don’t consume them, you can freeze them yourself.

Canned tomatoes are a great source of vitamin C, fiber, and antioxidants. And you can use them to cook plenty of dishes. From soups to pasta and meat gravy.

Rotisserie Chicken is a great provider of meat nutrients, just let the skin aside. The skin contains saturated fat that isn’t recommended. The chicken is rich in iron and B vitamins.


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