World Kidney Day – The Best 5 Tips To Avoid And Treat Kidney Diseases

World Kidney Day – The Best 5 Tips To Avoid And Treat Kidney Diseases

Today we celebrate the World Kidney Day, besides the International Women Day. Therefore, here are the best 6 tips on how to avoid and treat kidney diseases.

Eat fruits, vegetables, and lean meat

It is good to include fresh fruits, vegetables, lean meats, and olive oil in the diet.

Among the best fruits and vegetables for kidneys, there are apples, grapes, pears, mandarins, melons, pineapple, cucumbers, carrot, parsley, lettuce, and radishes.

Avoid salt

A good kidney function is disturbed by the excess of salt which can lead to the occurrence of hypertension, another risk factor for kidney disease.

For the balance of body fluids, it is important to have an optimal ratio of mineral salts (sodium and potassium) in the body. When we consume too much salt, we raise the sodium level in the body, disturbing this balance.

The American Cardiologists Association recommends 3-6 g of salt per day.

Always keep an eye on phosphorus intake


It has been observed that the excess of phosphorus may lead to kidney diseases. Therefore, specialists recommend people with kidney disorders to avoid skimmed milk, chocolate (in excess), and, in special, processed meat.

Drink plenty of water

One of the biggest risk factors for developing kidney diseases is dehydration. To avoid kidney disease or to keep your already installed kidney disorder under control by drinking a lot of water, on a daily basis.

A proper hydration will avoid calcification and congestion of the kidneys.

Quit drinking alcohol

Alcohol is, at its turn, a huge risk factor for kidney diseases because it is damaging the kidneys’ lining and causes imbalances in the electrolytes in the body.

Besides, alcohol abuse for a long period of time may irremediably damage the kidneys.

In conclusion, these 5 tips to avoid and treat kidney diseases are just the best ones for these regards but adopting a healthy lifestyle and eating habit is also beneficial for other organs in the body.


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