Women Must Follow Different Diets In Accordance With Their Age

Women Must Follow Different Diets In Accordance With Their Age

Nutritionists named the rules of nutrition for women of different ages. According to recent studies, foods rich in protein and vegetables do not always bring useful properties to the women body. Therefore, women must follow different diets in accordance with their age.

Carbohydrates and proteins useful for women during their 30s

During the research, it has been found out that in their 30s, women need foods rich in carbohydrates and proteins.

Even more, according to the nutritionists and doctors, during pregnancy, women should focus on strengthening their immune systems, so, the foods rich folic acid are good.

Green vegetables, lean red meat, nuts, green leafy vegetables, seeds, and legumes will help provide a high level of energy, according to the authors of the research.

During their 40s, women should adopt balanced and healthy diets

When women turn 40, they should gradually change their diet due to the possible occurrence of age-related diseases. Thus, avoidance of foods rich in carbs is ideal.

Also, women of 40-year-old have to avoid fatty foods with a high-calorie content.

Diets supporting healthy bones and digestive system are ideal for women of 50 years old

In their 50s, women need diets that are capable to maintain healthy bones.

At this age, there may be problems with the intestines and digestive system, too. In order to maintain the health of the intestines and the digestive system, women should consume high-quality prebiotics, green vegetables, and artichoke.

During their 60s, women need more zinc

However, in their 60s, the women’s bodies present difficulties in absorbing minerals and vitamins and the immune system becomes weaker. The bodies of women during their 6os start being affected by a low level of physical activity.

Nutritionists advise women to eat foods rich in zinc for an effective activity of the internal organs. Dairy products, meat, whole grains, and legumes are rich in zinc.

In conclusion, nutritionists have clearly explained what healthy dietary changes should be implements by women, depending on their age.


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