Weight Loss Can Be Achieved By Balancing Hormones Level In Your Body

Weight Loss Can Be Achieved By Balancing Hormones Level In Your Body

I know you’re annoyed by all those ads promising a “fast and safe” weight loss, and in the case you’ve already tried some supplements or a weight loss diet, I bet you already know that some of them are not as effective as advertised. But, the solution might reside within your body, as, in many cases, weight gain, as well as weight loss, can be triggered by hormones. In this regard, here is a short list of the hormones that can regulate your metabolism and help you lose weight, everything depends on the meal prep.


Leptin is one of the hormones that regulate appetite. This hormone helps your body send the signals of satiety. Leptin is generated by the adipose tissue and works to control fat deposits that accumulate in your body through food consumption.

When released, the leptin decreases the appetite.

To help your body secrete more leptin, reduce alcohol consumption because alcohol decreases leptin levels, and, therefore, exposing you to weight gain. Also, get enough sleep because the lack of good night’s sleep is having the same effects as alcohol when it comes to this hormone.


This is the hormone that causes the feeling of hunger. Ghrelin is secreted by the digestive system to signal you to eat, therefore, controlling the production of this hormone is necessary for every weight loss diet.

A balanced and consistent diet and sufficient rest can help your body reduce ghrelin levels by up to 28%, studies found.


Insulin controls blood sugar levels, and its imbalances can cause diabetes. It also has a lot of influence on the metabolism process, being a critical factor in weight loss, as well as weight gain.

To lose weight, you must maintain stable insulin levels, and to achieve that you have to opt for a balanced diet, low in unhealthy fats, sugars, and carbohydrates.


Also known as the “stress hormone,” the Cortisol is produced when we suffer from anxiety or stress. High levels of cortisol can affect the balance of lipids, proteins, and can ruin the carbohydrate metabolism. Cortisol causes belly fat, increased insulin levels, and cravings for sweet foods.

To control this hormone’s secretion, you need to learn how to keep your stress levels under control. Yoga, aerobics, mindfulness meditation are just a few methods to keep the Cortisol levels balanced and lose weight.

In short, weight loss, as well as weight gain, is triggered by the before-mentioned hormones. If there are any imbalances in these hormones levels, weight gain will occur. On the other hand, if you maintain a balanced level of hormones, you’ll lose weight naturally.


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