Vitamin Supplements Do Not Prevent COVID Deaths, As Per New Study

Vitamin Supplements Do Not Prevent COVID Deaths, As Per New Study

In light of previous studies suggesting vitamin effectiveness against Covid-19, a recent study shows that using immune-boosting supplementation including vitamin C, D, and zinc does not reduce your chances of death from the virus. Whereas such supplements have been marketed as an option to established vaccinations, experts from The University of Toledo in Ohio, the United States, say there is little evidence to support this claim.

The study

The researchers evaluated 26 peer-reviewed papers from across the world that involved more than 5,600 hospitalized Covid patients in the research, which was reported in the journal Clinical Nutrition ESPEN. The study revealed no difference in mortality between individuals who received vitamin D, C, or zinc as well as those who did not get any of these supplements.

Although vitamin D supplementation may be related to decreased incidence of intubation and reduced hospital stays, the scientists cautioned that more investigation is warranted to substantiate that conclusion.

Vitamin C & zinc were not linked to reduced hospitalizations or a decreased risk of being placed on a ventilator. The scientists also examined a smaller sample of those who had been using vitamin D before to catching the infection and found no statistically significant change in the fatality rate.

They stressed, however, that the research should not be construed as implying vitamin and mineral supplements are undesirable or should be disregarded, but that they are ineffective at avoiding Covid-related fatalities. Simultaneously time, they emphasized that certain Covid patients whom are malnourished or generally lacking in micronutrients may improve by taking supplements, but this is because their systems are already low in vital nutrients, not showing that these supplements are beneficial fighting the virus.

“What we’re saying is this: If you don’t medically need these supplements, don’t take them thinking they’re protective against Covid. They’re not going to prevent you from getting it and they’re not going to prevent you from dying,” declared Dr. Azizullah Beran, from the University’s College of Medicine and Life Sciences.

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