Vitamin D Supplements Are Useless In Improving Bone Health, Major Study Shows

Vitamin D Supplements Are Useless In Improving Bone Health, Major Study Shows

While some experts already questioned the Vitamin D supplements’ benefits for musculoskeletal health, now we have the final proof that indeed Vitamin D supplements are useless in improving bone health. This conclusion belongs to a major study conducted by UK researchers and published recently in the Lancet Diabetes and Endocrinology.

However, according to the scientists, Vitamin D supplementation remains the ideal solution for high-risk groups of patients exposed to rare conditions such as rickets and osteomalacia which are both triggered by Vitamin D deficiency.

The current recommendations, on the other hand, says that every kid below five years of age should take Vitamin D supplements. The same is recommended for pregnant women and older adults. But, as the researchers of the new study reported, it’s much better to take Vitamin D from natural sources than relying on supplementation.

Additionally, the recent study’s authors recommend health departments to reconsider the current guidelines and adjust them following the last evidence.

Vitamin D Supplements Are Useless In Improving Bone Health, Major Study Shows

“Since the last major review of the evidence in 2014, more than 30 randomized controlled trials on vitamin D and bone health have been published, nearly doubling the evidence base available,” said Dr. Mark Bolland, of the University of Auckland, New Zealand, and the study’s leading author.

“Our meta-analysis finds that vitamin D does not prevent fractures, falls or improve bone mineral density, whether at a high or low dose. Clinical guidelines should be changed to reflect these findings,” the researcher added.

According to the researchers, there is weak evidence that justifies Vitamin D supplements’ efficiency in improving bone health.

“On the strength of existing evidence, we believe there is little justification for more trials of vitamin D supplements looking at musculoskeletal outcomes,” Dr. Bolland said.

On the other hand, the recent study admitted the potential benefits of Vitamin D supplements on bone health, among others, if taken during winter by those individuals that don’t have a balanced diet.


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