Vegetarian Diet Can Treat Crohn’s Disease, According To A Recent Case Study

Vegetarian Diet Can Treat Crohn’s Disease, According To A Recent Case Study

According to the results of a case study published not long ago, Crohn’s disease can completely heal thanks to a vegetarian diet. Crohn’s disease is an inflammatory bowel disease that can get extremely painful, but the newly released study discovered that the condition could go into complete remission with the effective plant-based diet.

The research involved a man in its late 20s who battled with Crohn’s disease before starting to follow a vegetarian diet and ditch processed foods. After switching to the plant-based diet, the condition went into remission, and healing appeared.

The discoveries were recently issued in the journal Nutrients, where scientist note that over a year of intravenous treatment had not been capable of making this man’s disease go into remission. However, positive changes happened when the patient started to follow a plant-based diet over 40 days of comprehensive observation.

This man healed his Crohn’s disease with a vegetarian diet

During that time, the man’s manifestations, including extreme abdominal pain and fatigue, disappeared entirely. Because of the change, the patient decided to keep following the plant-based diet, which is explained in the study as entirely free of animal products and processed foods as well.

The diet comprises legumes, such as beans, lentils, peas, and so on, fruit, vegetables, and whole grains. As the researchers say, the patient’s condition entered a complete remission during that time, and tests discovered ‘complete mucosal healing.’ The patient was then able to stop taking the prescribed medication and did not experienced any recurrences while following the vegetarian diet.

The specific reasons for remission on a vegetarian diet are not entirely depicted, but researchers outline that the higher fiber consumption, which helps with the beneficial gut bacteria, may be one of the assisting factors. Prior research has discovered that processed foods and meats, more precisely red meat, has an inflammatory impact on the human body, which may aggravate the Crohn’s disease.


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