Being Vegan – Hot or Not?

Being Vegan – Hot or Not?

In the beginning, veganism was quite a rare option. However, it started growing more and more in the recent years, and as such the possibilities extended. There are lots of vegan restaurants that appeared out of nowhere in lots of cities around the world, such as Temple of Seitan in London, Flore in L.A. etc. More and more stars began stating out the fact that they’re vegan. Here you have some useful tips and recipes to get around when you’re out of ideas!

Use Your Imagination

Even if you’re a vegan, that doesn’t mean you get to enjoy some amazing flavors. Some useful ideas would be to cook vegan pancakes and cakes. They are delicious and you don’t even have to stray away from your diet. A simple Google search will show you lots of tasty recipes such as vegan gumbo, apple soy bacon or sausages or even buffalo wings.

If you live in New York, then you should totally know about some interesting restaurants that are open there. One of them is placed in Harlem and is called Seasoned Vegan. Other places you should check out are Organic Avenue or Nyack Main Essentials.

Salad Power

Salads are always the easy way out when you’re a vegan and you’re hungry. One quick and easy recipe is chickpea salad. It resembles tuna salad a lot, only that it is based on chickpeas. Simply mash them, add some carrots, onions, celery, dill and mayo and you’re good to go.

Another healthy and easy to make recipe is the juice. Fruit and vegetable juices are extremely healthy and they represent an energy boost for the entire day. The best part is that you can add any fruits and veggies you like, so that you can get the right taste for you.


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