Vegan Diet Is Beneficial For Gut Hormones, New Research Showed

Vegan Diet Is Beneficial For Gut Hormones, New Research Showed

In new research issued in the journal Nutrients, scientists revealed that the vegan diet is beneficial for gut hormones that balance the blood sugar level, weight, and satiety. That means that following a diet based on fruits and vegetables is helpful in maintaining a healthy weight, while it’s also keeping diabetes at bay.

In the study, 60 men participated, out of which 20 were obese, 20 had type 2 diabetes, while the last 20 of them were healthy. All the three groups of men received meals with the same caloric and macronutrients contents, only that no type of meat was allowed.

Thus, the vegan diet boosted the beneficial gut hormones in all those three groups. More specifically, the participants who followed a vegan diet presented higher levels of hormones involved “in the regulation of glucose metabolism, insulin secretion, energy homeostasis, satiety, and weight management,” as the study’s report reads.

New Research Showed That Vegan Diet Is Beneficial For Gut Hormones

“These beneficial gut hormones can help keep weight down, enhance insulin secretion, regulate blood sugar, and keep us feeling full longer. The fact that simple meal choices can increase the secretion of these healthy hormones has important implications for those with type 2 diabetes or weight problems,” said Hana Kahleova from the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, and the leading author of the study.

“This study adds to the mounting evidence that plant-based diets can help manage and prevent type 2 diabetes and obesity,” the researcher added.

“Our findings indicate that plant-based meals with tofu may be an effective tool to increase postprandial secretion of gastrointestinal hormones, as well as promote satiety, compared to processed meat and cheese, in healthy, obese, and diabetic men. These positive properties may have practical implications for the prevention of type 2 diabetes,” the researchers concluded in the new study’s report.


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