Top 16 Water Weights And Pool Equipment For Women

Top 16 Water Weights And Pool Equipment For Women

If you’re someone who loves water and fitness, there is a way you can do both at the same time! Of course, swimming is quite a workout in itself, but what if you spiced it up a little bit by using some weights specifically designed to be used in the pool?
This is specifically wonderful in the warm weather, as working out in the pool will allow you to cool off while working on your summer bod.
Another situation where using weights in the pool is a great idea and even recommended is if you’re dealing with joint pain or are currently healing from injuries or surgeries and normal weightlifting in a gym ends up doing more harm than good.
Of course, you could be interested in water weights just as a way of adding some variety and excitement to your workout routine as water aerobics is super fun but still challenging.
At the end of the day, no matter your age or health, it helps with incorporating low impact cardio into your life, even if you are normally not a big fan of sports in your day to day life.
Running is not for everyone, so there is no reason for you to ruin your knees when you can get the same results by doing some fun water aerobics.
Or maybe you are already a fan of water aerobics and have been doing them for a while. In this case, you might want to take it to the next level, and that is where water dumbbells come into play!

Credit: Unsplash/Jonathan Borba
Credit: Unsplash/Jonathan Borba

They allow you to even target certain areas of your body and will help you reach your fitness goals in no time!
Water weights are pretty similar in shape to their gym counterparts but are usually made of a quick-drying EVA foam that is quite light.
Instead of packing a lot of weight themselves, these products take advantage of the water’s natural resistance to help with developing your muscles in the pool.
Furthermore, they are also super buoyant so trying to submerge them is quite the challenge and an added resistance dimension. But if you’ve never used them before, knowing what to buy can be a challenge in itself, which is why this guide was created!
First of all, the best ones on the market should be easy to grip and provide a lot of resistance. Second, make sure they are durable as with any other product you buy.
The function and form of water dumbbells are fairly straight-forward. Be easy to grip, be durable, and provide resistance!
Now that you know the basics, here are some of the best water weights on the market in no particular order!

Trademark Innovations Aquatic Exercise Dumbells

These water weights are made of EVA foam and have a really low water absorption rate which is good because they provide you with the right level of buoyancy you’ll need to shed the pounds or tone your body in the pool.
You can use them for upper body and lower back workouts. Furthermore, they are pretty great for your abs as well, so if you want a six-pack, this is a great product.
They have lightly padded handles, so you’ll have no trouble with the grip despite them being wet.
They weigh 0.66 lbs and measure 11″ L x 6″ W.

Speedo Aqua Fitness Barbells

The weights from Speedo Aqua are made with chlorine-resistant EVA foam and are super lightweight, each barbell only weighing about a pound.
Despite this, when used underwater, they will provide the user with a resistance of 45 pounds!
They have soft padded grips so you’ll find it easy to use them for extended workout sessions without struggling to keep them from slipping out of your grip.
They are durable and sturdy but take a bit of time to dry after use.

Theraband Water Weights

The Theraband Water Weights are available in three different sizes, from small to large, the biggest one being 15” in length (blue).
The blue one also happens to be one of the most challenging on this list, providing a lot of resistance in the pool.
With that being said, if you are up for some added difficulty, this is the product for you!

Trademark Innovations Triangular Aquatic Dumbbells

These dumbbells have a unique, triangular shape that makes them a lot easier to stack up.
But this is not the only advantage of picking this particular shape for your water weights. As it turns out, the triangular ones also increase the resistance when using them under the water and this will only help you achieve better results faster, especially when working on your core and upper body.
Aside from this, they are still made of the same long-lasting and quick-drying EVA foam, just like the usual circular ones from the same brand.

Sunlite Sports High-Density EVA-Foam Dumbbell Set

This dumbbell set is the best selling one on Amazon and it’s no surprise as to why so many people love them so much!
First of all, these water weights are made of pool-safe EVA foam, which provides you with a low level of water absorption, increasing the pressure a lot and making your workouts more challenging.
Furthermore, they also have soft, padded handles to prevent any blisters from appearing after workouts.
They can be used for many different activities in the pool, such as Zumba but also physical therapy.

TAGVO Aquatic Gloves

These are pretty different from your usual water weights due to their innovative form!
Instead of normal dumbbells, these weights are actually shaped like webbed gloves, allowing you to do resistance training without having to worry about gripping onto weights. After all, they will stay on by themselves so you can focus on the actual workout!
They are the most popular “swimming aquatic gloves” on Amazon so you know a lot of people love and recommend them.
They are especially great if you’re working on your upper body.

Amazon Basics Neoprene Dumbbell Sets

These dumbbells are made from foam but are coated with neoprene to keep them from absorbing water.
What makes them unique, however, is their hexagonal shape.
Not only does it make them easy to stack and store as they won’t be rolling around like their round relatives, but they also create more resistance in the water thanks to their shape.
Furthermore, they are even color-coded in twelve different colors depending on the level of resistance, but in case so many colors are hard to remember, each dumbbell also features a number on each cap end for easy identification!
That being said, they come with a variety of resistance levels from 1 pound all the way up to 20 pounds!
This way, you can also just pick the one or ones you feel like you are most comfortable with.

Bintiva Aqua Water Dumbbell Set

If you want your water fitness to be more intense and challenging than it’s been until now, these are the dumbbells for you!
They are designed to help with strengthening your shoulders, chest, as well as your back and core muscles.
That being said, if you are planning on trying water fitness for the first time, keep in mind that this set might be too challenging for beginners, so maybe pick something more suited for your situation.
Made with EVA foam, they have high buoyancy levels and very low water absorption levels.
They have maximum resistance in the pool and are also durable.
The inner pipe is made with non-PVC material, which is then covered up with cushion to increase your grip and comfort while using them.
Based on your training level, there are three different options you can choose from – small, medium and large.
Furthermore, you can also pick your favorite color out of three available – blue, green, or yellow.
They are quick drying and lightweight.

Kiefer Water Workout Dumbbells – Pair

These dumbbells are not your typical water weights. This is because they are made of plastic planes in a rare design.
They are super light and will offer you a lot of great resistance while in the water.
What is even better about this product is that the weights allow you to fill their hollow handles with either sand or water, increasing the level of resistance as you level up your fitness routine.
Also, because of their unique design, they will always have balanced resistance no matter how you grip them in your hands.
Because of this, they are suitable for individual aerobics, therapy and fitness so you won’t have to go to a class every time.
They come in two colors – red and yellow and are super durable since they are made with plastic.
Just keep in mind that because of their material, they will not keep you afloat as foam water weights do.

Moving Free Water Fill Plastic Dumbbells

If you’d like something that you can use in water but also on land, this is a great option for you!
These dumbbells come in the usual shape and are made with plastic so they are durable even while used in chlorinated pools.
But, as mentioned before, what sets them apart is the fact that they are super versatile, being useful both in the pool and on land for light exercises.
With that being said, they are perfect for beginners and elderly people since they weigh around 3 pounds and are perfect for low impact workouts.
If you want to use them in the pool, you don’t need to do any extra steps unless you need to change the resistance.
Basically, for more resistance, fill them up with air and for less resistance, fill them with water partially until you feel like you’ve reached your ideal resistance.
This is a very rare feature for water weights that will make them useful for longer, even as you get stronger and need them to be more challenging.
Other than that, holding them feels comfortable, so you can use them for prolonged periods of time.
When empty, they are lightweight and portable, perfect for traveling.

All Pro Adjustable Aqua Power Aquatic Ankle Weights

In case you love using ankle weights during your land workouts, you’ll be happy to know there are some made for the pool as well.
They come in the form of neoprene bands that wrap around your ankles comfortably.
They are designed to add more resistance to your water fitness while also improving your endurance at the same time.

Nordesco Aquaflex Paddles

This pair of paddles will help you build upper body strength if that is what you desire.
They feature adjustable fan blades, allowing you to adjust the resistance level depending on your level.

KLOLKUTTA Aquatic Dumbbells

These dumbbells are made from high-quality EVA foam and, therefore, are waterproof and really lightweight but also durable.
Unlike many water dumbbells on the market, these ones have soft padded grips, providing you with extra floatation support.
They are super buoyant and come in four colors, so you can pick the one that best pleases you.
They weigh 8.5 ounces and measure 10.6” x 6” x 6”.

BalanceFrom GoFit Adjustable Ankle And Wrist Weights

These weights can be used as either ankle or wrist weights thanks to the adjustable straps that can ensure they fit perfectly on both.
Furthermore, they are odor and mold resistant and are safe for use whether you just want them for an extra challenge in the pool or need them for therapeutic purposes.
The material they are made with is water resistant and they also dry really fast at the end of every session.

Speedo Unisex Swim Training Pushplate .5

This versatile tool is super handy if you want to get a full body workout.
They are designed to intensify vertical motion, increase stability and allow for a number of different movements that will engage all kinds of muscle groups at the same time, giving you your much desired results with a little dedication.
You can use it to work on your core as well as your arms and upper body.
When out of the pool, they are really lightweight, therefore, super portable.

All Pro Aquatic Exercise Belt

This waterproof exercise belt is adjustable up to 10 pounds.
It uses small iron weights that you can either add or remove depending on your preferences and fitness level.
If you choose to use them, they will keep you down in the pool, creating more drag as you either walk or jog in the water.
Just to be safe, only use this in the shallow end of the pool or at least at a depth that allows you to stand on your feet while your head is still well above water.
Also, make sure to start with a lighter weight just to figure out what best works for you first.


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