Top 15 Best Health and Nutrition Documentaries on Netflix, Amazon and Other Streaming Platforms

Top 15 Best Health and Nutrition Documentaries on Netflix, Amazon and Other Streaming Platforms

We live in a historical time where people are increasingly more obsessed with learning all about their bodies and how most of the things they use to fuel them actually poisons them from the inside. But this is also the world of the Internet where all the information in the world is literally at our fingertips, and while that may sound convenient, it’s oftentimes rather overwhelming.

After all, which source can you trust to teach you the right things about your health? Is there really a “secret” to wellness and health, or is it as simple as eating your fruits and vegetables, avoiding junk food and working out?

Is counting calories good for you, or is it the shortest way to developing an eating disorder? Some preach “balance” and “portion control”, but if you’re not a nutritionist, these words may mean nothing to you.

Have you wondered why sugar is bad for you or why you feel so sick all the time? Trying to learn the correct information about all of these topics and more is almost as difficult as trying to stay away from the delicious temptation of heart-attack-inducing food.

Self-research is often tedious, takes forever and can be contradictory to the point that frustration ensues, and most people give up after a confusing journey through a massive number of sources.

With that being said, it makes perfect sense that learning through entertainment is much more useful and not nearly as stressful and confusing since it can all be found in the same place.

And believe it or not, learning about health, nutrition, fitness and wellness can be accessible AND fun if you just check out one of those platforms you already use to binge-watch Stranger Things – again!

Understanding what you’re consuming and how to make healthier choices has never been so easy!

Here are 15 health-centered documentaries – in no particular order – that you can watch on Netflix and other similar streaming services, such as Amazon and Hulu, right now!

Beyond Food

The title says all. Healthy living is not always just about food, and this documentary manages to challenge some of the most stubborn preconceived notions about the topic by interviewing a number of people who lead very different lifestyles, all of which are healthy as far as every one of them is concerned. It encourages you to change the way you think before even changing the way you eat, all with the purpose of helping you create healthy habits and achieving your best self!

A Place at the Table

Number two on our list tackles the topic of food insecurity and sugary foods while also making it clear that hunger is part of the American health crisis that is usually solely associated with obesity and the opioid addiction. A concerning number of U.S. citizens struggle to afford food on a daily basis or purchase processed food just because it’s affordable since fresh vegetables and fruits don’t fit into their budget.

A Place at the Table seeks to bring awareness to the food insecurity crisis but also offers some amazing solutions to those individuals and families who struggle to put (healthy) food on the table.

Fed Up

“Fed Up” is probably one of the best documentaries on our list due to the way it presents the massive obesity epidemic in the United States. It manages to explain how the government and the food industry have largely contributed to its surge, making it clear it’s a systemic problem.

Katie Couric is the perfect guide throughout the world of sugar addiction, which acts like a drug, especially among the young demographic.

The foods that get people, and especially kids, hooked, are purposefully designed that way through an incredible amount of research. That being said, it’s no wonder the documentary proposes that the processed food industry is not so different from the tobacco industry, if not even worse!

What the Health

The fourth entry on our list explores the conspiracy theory that the government, food industry giants, and health companies are all purposefully keeping vital information about healthy living from us just to keep us sick and paying them to get better, pulling trillions of dollars from the population every year!

While this topic is worth being explored, it’s also very important not to take these kinds of documentaries at face value but rather with a grain of salt!


“Vegucated” is a very special one to check out. It manages to make its agenda very obvious but in spite of this, it still ends up being one of the most entertaining and educational films on this list.

It follows three New York residents who love meat and cheese with a passion on their hilarious journey trying out a vegan lifestyle for no less than six weeks!

Will they change the way they view food or not? You’ll have to watch to find out!

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

Australian Joe Cross weighed over 300 pounds and ate accordingly when the medical specialists warned him that his lifestyle was a shortcut to his grave! The man needed to hear this to finally make a change, and what a change it was!

The documentary follows him on a 60-day juice cleanse. Add that to a road trip across the country and you can see his body transforming right before your eyes!

Of course, watching this might not convince you to give up solid food for over two months, nor should it, but it’s surely eye-opening when it comes to the massive role nutrition has in molding our health and appearance.


Staying healthy often requires knowing where the food you’re consuming comes from in the first place. Number 7 on this list takes its viewers through a modern farming community but also discusses the rise in popularity of locally-grown food. So if you’re itching to know how your food goes from the crops to your plate, “Sustainable” is the perfect watch for you!

Food, Ink

Nominated for an Academy Award, it’s no surprise so many health buffs swear this film has managed to change their lives! “Food, Ink” is an eye-opening dive into the corporate world of the food industry and its damaging ways towards animals, the environment and even its employees. If you haven’t seen it yet, what are you waiting for?

Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret

Number 9 on our list was executive produced by none other than Hollywood superstar extraordinaire Leonardo DiCaprio! This alone should be a big incentive for you to check it out! It chronicles filmmaker Kip Andersen’s journey into becoming an environmentalist while investigating animal agriculture – an industry responsible for much of the water depletion, wildlife extinction and global warming, just to name a few of its scary consequences.

The journey is not easy, and Andersen comes across many harrowing obstacles, but his charisma and determination make for a very compelling documentary about the negative effects of meat consumption.

Bite Size

“Bite Size” is all about the stigma and dehumanization obese children face in our society today. The film followers the stories of four pre-teens struggling with their weight and with self-acceptance, all the while trying their best to change their lifestyle and toxic relationship with food.

It’s definitely an inspirational documentary to watch if you’re looking to make a change in your own life as well but make sure to have a box of tissues nearby because it can get a little emotional at times.

Super Size Me

Released almost two decades ago, in 2004, “Super Size Me” is a social experiment that remains just as relevant today. Morgan Spurlock eats nothing but McDonald’s for a full month, and the consequences, as far as his health is concerned, are shocking! While the U.S. still has a big junk food problem, its attitude towards it has greatly changed in the last 15 to 20 years, and some think at least part of this positive change has taken place thanks to Spurlock’s well-documented experiment.

Food Choices

With the help of health experts, “Food Choices” sheds light on all the eating choices we make every day and how they affect not just our health but also the health of the planet we live on and the safety of all the other living creatures we share it with.

Filmmaker Michel Siewierski makes sure that the viewers are well informed about choices previously made unknowingly and the great impact they all have.

The C Word

Narrated by none other than Morgan Freeman, “The C Word” deals with a very serious and rather sensitive topic – cancer.

The filmmaker, Meghan L. O’Hara, is a survivor herself, and so, she goes on a journey to reveal the way cancer treatment is being dealt with in the United States. This includes details about the inner workings of the pharmaceutical industry and more!

Food matters

This documentary might be everything you need to know about health in one single project! Have you ever been too scared to search certain topics by yourself, but you’ve heard enough to know they’re important? Well, “Food Matters” may be the documentary for you!

It seeks to answer a very simple question: Is the food you consume helping or hurting you?

With topics such as organic food, raw food, food safety, nutritional therapy and more on the table, you might want to really pay close attention, or you could miss some vital information!

That Sugar Film

The last entry on our list is for anyone who wishes to truly understand the hidden sugars in the food we consume.

The documentary seeks to mix experimental journalism with interviews and even skits meant to show the shocking effects sugar has on the human body.

Damon Gameau, the director of “That Sugar Film”, is also the one risking his health for this experiment, deciding to add 40 teaspoons of sugar to his diet, which is the average consumption for Australian citizens.

The damage to his health is even more obvious given the fact that it comes after years of following a sugar-free diet.

While he starts by slowly beginning to consume products such as fat-free yoghurt, which is generally considered “healthy,” the undeniable effects of the hidden sugars in such products are concerning and eye-opening.

While all of these movies can be watched on Youtube, depending on the country you live in, you might want to check your Netflix or Amazon accounts as you might find them there as well. 

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