These 3 Serious Health Conditions Don’t Allow You Lose Weight, No Matter What You Do

These 3 Serious Health Conditions Don’t Allow You Lose Weight, No Matter What You Do

If you have adopted a healthy lifestyle but can’t lose weight, then you might present a serious health condition. Recently, the specialists have observed that thyroid hormonal imbalance, low levels of testosterone, and type II diabetes are the main disorders which don’t allow you lose weight.

Thyroid hormonal imbalance

If you’ve tried losing weight by adopting a weight loss diet or sports but didn’t shed a pound, then you should check your thyroid hormone levels.

Lower levels of thyroid hormones are known as hypothyroidism.

This disorder is characterized by a lazy thyroid and is especially present in women.

The symptoms that accompany hypothyroidism condition are fatigue, stress, excessive sweating, and the impossibility to lose weight.

All that because the thyroid gland is the gland in the human body that regulates the perspiration, energy levels, and, last but not least, the metabolic rate.

Low levels of testosterone

The hormone known as testosterone is also called the ‘male hormone’ because it is present in high amounts in men. Besides, the testosterone is also secreted in women but in low amounts.

In men, the testosterone regulates the sperm creation in testicles, the sexual desire, and the muscle mass growth.

A low testosterone level will lead to a bigger adipose tissue on the abdomen and can even cause man boobs, scientifically known gynecomastia.

According to recent studies, low level of testosterone imbalances the way the men’s bodies are depositing and burning fat tissues.

Type II diabetes

Type II diabetes has been shown to increase the appetite due to very high glucose levels in the blood.

The same result is observed when the blood sugar level drops.

Thus, the people suffering from type II diabetes, in special, will face great difficulty to lose weight.

In conclusion, if you’ve tried to lose weight but didn’t lose any, then you should visit your doctor for a complete set of investigations because you might suffer from one of these 3 serious health conditions.


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