These 2 Carbs Can Help You Get a Flat Stomach in Record Time!

These 2 Carbs Can Help You Get a Flat Stomach in Record Time!

Carbs frequently receive a bad rap when it comes to weight loss.

Diet culture may have misled people into thinking that all carbs are bad for you, especially if you are on a weight loss journey but that could not be any farther from the truth!

In reality, it turns out that there are many carbs that are both healthy and delicious, despite the fact that refined carbs like white bread and sugary treats can sabotage your weight loss efforts and eventually cause weight gain.

In fact, including the right kinds of carbohydrates in your diet may help you lose weight and get a flatter stomach in a pretty short period of time.

According to dietitian Trista Best and nutritionist Lisa Richards there are a couple of carbs in particular that are the best ones to eat this summer without hindering your ability to lose weight or enjoy them.

They recommended brown rice and oats as healthy options.

Here are all the advantages of these two delicious and nutritious carbs!


It does not get much better than plain oats when it comes to tasty, healthy carbs.

This superfood contains many different health advantages, is very filling, is great for digestion, and can even help you lose weight in record time!

Best says that “Oats are a great source of whole grains and contain a lot of fiber and nutrients that make them such a healthy meal or snack the whole grains keep your blood sugar stable, preventing spikes and dips usually associated with increased weight gain.”

Fortunately, there are highly versatile as well.

“Healthy oatmeal can be made savory or sweet without an excess of calories and when accomplished, oatmeal can really be the perfect breakfast for weight loss,” Best goes on to point out.

Just be sure to avoid pre-packaged instant oats, limit the amount of sugary ingredients, and opt for healthy additions like fruit, nuts, and seeds to top it all off.

Brown Rice

It’s important to keep in mind that not all rice is as good for your health even though it tastes great in a variety of recipes. In actuality, eating refined white rice over time may cause weight gain.

According to Richards, this carb has undergone a level of processing that has stripped it of its bran and germ contents, meaning it is essentially nutritionally worthless.

Fortunately, Richards claims that brown rice is a fantastic substitute that is suitable for weight loss.

She explains that “When we consume brown rice the body processes it more slowly because it is a complex carbohydrate. This allows for the consumer to experience greater satiety and receive more nutrients.”

This means that eating brown rice will help you feel fuller for longer and lose weight quicker.


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