The Secret Longevity Diet Of The Oldest Man On Earth

The Secret Longevity Diet Of The Oldest Man On Earth

The concern about the secrets of longevity is incessant. When we have the luck to meet people over 100, to ask how they managed to reach such an advanced age.

The oldest man in the world is Francisco Nunez Olivera in Spain who has reached 113 and his record has been approved by the Book of Records. He recently gave an interview to The Local, where he talked about his life, writes Gustarte.

The secret of his longevity: a glass of red wine a day and many vegetables grown in his own garden. His daughter added that her father had a quiet life, respecting his taboos every day in the small mountain village on the border with Portugal. He never quarreled with anyone and had no bosses. However, not all his life was simple. He fought in World War I in Morocco, but also in the Civil War in Spain.

His Breakfast is represented by milk, madeleine and an actimel. At noon he eats meat, fish or a dish, in the afternoon a yogurt, and at the dinner cereal with milk.
Francisco Nunez Oliviera has 4 children, nine grandchildren, 15 grandchildren. Since 1988 he has been a widow, and two of his boys have died. Next to him are two daughters, Milagros, 78, and Maria Antonia, 81 years old.
On December 13 he celebrated 113 years with cakes and milk. Then he read the greeting cards received from around the world. Along with him there all 15 grandchildren.

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