The Planet Fitness Hydromassage Bed – Benefits and Everything Else You Need to Know!

The Planet Fitness Hydromassage Bed – Benefits and Everything Else You Need to Know!

The Planet Fitness Hydromassage is exactly what you may be assuming already – a water massage bed – and the way it works is pretty straightforward as well!

All you have to do is lay down on it and use a small touchscreen to activate it.

Then, water will slowly glide under you, offering you an amazing massage experience. It sounds pretty great, right?

Well, if you are interested and thinking of trying it out, you will be pleased to find out that it is now available at Planet Fitness gyms all over the world.

One massage session lasts for about 10 minutes usually but you can also adjust the time along with the modes as well while on it to suit your preferences better.

When you have decided that you are done relaxing and getting rid of the tension in your body, all you have to do is press the stop button and get up.

So what are the benefits of Hydromassage?

No matter what your opinion of Planet Fitness is, there is no doubt that the hydromassage bed is not just a gimmick and actually offers a lot of real benefits that anyone can experience from the very first massage session!

–       Reduces stress and anxiety levels.

–       Provides significant pain and ache relief, which is really helpful if, for instance, you have sore muscles following a workout.

–       It’s great for complete relaxation since all you have to do is lay down and enjoy the sensation.

–       It relieves knots and muscle soreness so if you often deal with stiff muscles, this is the perfect thing to try out.

–       According to some studies, it is able to improve sleep, most likely because it encourages healthy blood circulation.

–       Finally, it’s a massage! Who doesn’t like a massage? Basically, there are really no downsides to getting a relaxing massage at the end of the day so you don’t really need to have a reason to try it.

Some people may also struggle a bit with feeling like they are bothering workers to get a massage after a workout but this is where the bed comes in!

After all, you can operate it all by yourself using a simple touchscreen, giving you some well deserved privacy for a few minutes, a time during which you can leave your earbuds and just relax all by yourself, completely recharging your batteries.

Another question thousands are curious to learn every day, I whether or not Hydromassage is also able to help with their weight loss!

Well, as it turns out, it definitely contributes but only indirectly.

An online source known by the username Infrafit claims that Hydromassage is able to burn around 300 calories per session but just keep in mind that there is no scientific proof that this is the case.

And it doesn’t sound like that would be common sense either since most people usually burn that many calories after running for half an hour at 6 to 10 mph.

Basically, laying down on a bed for 10 minutes cannot burn 300 calories – it’s simply not realistic to expect such a thing.

However, as mentioned before, that does not mean Hydromassage will not help you drop a few pounds indirectly!

After all, it can really help you release stress and calm down and we know that people who struggle with their weight also deal with a lot of stress and anxiety in their day to day lives.

This is because they tend to stress eat because eating causes the body to release calming hormones.

From an evolutionary point of view, this is the case because, when you are eating, your body believes you are safe from predators so the stress levels go down significantly.

But if you are already relaxed, you are less likely to eat when you’re not really hungry, leading to a decrease in caloric intake every day.

How Often Is it Recommended to Hydromassage and Are There Any Downsides?

The Mayo Clinic has stated that there are, indeed, some downsides to using the Planet Fitness Hydromassage bed too often but fortunately, 99 percent of people don’t need to worry about that at all!

This is because there are no actual health risks involved unless you have some pre-existing health conditions such as:

–       Currently unhealed injuries such as a broken nose.

–       Degenerative Disc Diseases, such as a herniated disc.

–       AIDS or other extreme infections.

–       Open wounds that may bleed over the bed.

–       Blood clotting disorders as the water could cause the clots to either get stronger or bust all of a sudden.

–       Cardiac or nervous system conditions.

All in all, most people are totally fine and free to get Hydromassage as often as they wish without having to worry about anything.

Just keep in mind, however, that the manufacturer of the hydromassage machine at Planet Fitness has recommended only about 15 minutes of use per day.

If that somehow sounds disappointing to you, don’t worry, you’ll find that 15 minutes is more than enough to help you feel amazing.

Now that you know pretty much everything that you may need to know about this great massage method and are ready to try it out, the next step is getting a Planet Fitness membership if you don’t already have one!

With that being said, here are a few ways to get the most out of your membership so you don’t go there only for the massage bed!

If you’re someone who is looking for a gym with all kinds of amazing perks, especially when first starting out, then Planet Fitness might just be the one for you!

This is because it’s not only affordable but also offers two different plans in addition to personal training.

Not to mention that a 30 minute circuit, tanning beds, locker rooms and showers as well as the aforementioned massage beds are also included!

The first membership option offers the bare minimum while the second includes everything so you can always pick the one that suits your needs the best.

  1. The Planet Fitness No Commitment Membership

This first membership option is great for those who are not interested in the extra perks that come with the Black Card membership.

If all you need is a place to work out and may want some free training as well, you will love this type of membership.

Furthermore, fitness training is not only free, you get to choose whether you want to work one on one with a personal trainer or join a bunch of other people for group sessions.

  1. The Planet Fitness Black Card Membership

As mentioned above, this option includes everything the gym has to offer so it’s ideal for those who want it all.

They get a free T-shirt, unlimited fitness training as well as access to all locations of the franchise, unlimited use of the tanning and hydromassage beds, half off cooler drinks and other such perks and discounts.

Another great benefit of choosing any of these two memberships at Planet Fitness is that you will be able to attend the gym regardless of your schedule thanks to their 24 hour policy.

That’s right! The gyms are open 24 hours and you will always have staff at your disposal, ready to help out and answer any of your questions.

Not to mention that the tanning and hydromassage beds are available around the clock as well!

With the Black Card membership you won’t have to worry about location either since it allows members to use any one out of the 1,000 locations all over the United States, the 6 in Ontario, Canada, the 5 in Puerto Rico as well as the one location in the Dominican Republic, which is perfect if you tend to travel a lot.

Furthermore, the Planet Fitness gyms are known for minimizing intimidation and judgment so you won’t have to worry about that.

In fact, there is a so-called “lunk” alarm that can be used whenever someone bothers others by grunting loudly, judging others or dropping their weights.

They make it their mission to make everybody feel completely comfortable and the staff will not hesitate to ask inconsiderate and rude people to leave.

Making the most out of what Planet Fitness has to offer also means making the most out of their locker rooms, changing rooms and showers.

In other words, you will not have to worry about the safety of your belongings or privacy while changing or showering.

If you have a Black Card membership, you can use the massage chair as well in addition to the hydromassage bed, both of which are perfect after a challenging workout session, and you can even get a haircut!

Another perk of being a Black Card member is that you can also bring one guest per visit with you to the gym!

A guest is limited to only using the workout equipment and not the tanning, hydromassage beds or any other services such as haircuts.

The guest can be registered only if they have an ID and are over the age of 18.

At the same time, if you are the parent or guardian and keep them by your side at all times, you are also allowed to bring children to the gym, provided that they are at least 13 years of age.

Planet Fitness offers a 30 minute circuit workout to follow for their members as well, which is quite a great system for those who don’t have a lot of time to spend in the gym but would also like to get the most out of their workout.

To make things are easy as possible, they use green and red lights to signal when you should start the set and when you have completed it.

More precisely, the green light cycle lasts for a full minute while the red light cycle is 30 seconds long, providing a great balance between strenuous exercise and a satisfying break.

If you want to get the most out of this Planet Fitness perk, make sure you make your way through the circuit with weights that challenge you enough.

After all, if it’s too easy for you, you are basically wasting your time at the end of the day.

Just try to challenge yourself for the best results, especially since it’s such a short workout session.

Add high knees, kicks and side steps into the stepping stations, for instance. You will definitely notice results faster and you will feel super accomplished at the end of those 30 minutes.

Furthermore, the gyms also provide alternative moves that you can engage in at the stepping stations as well.

Finally, you can make the most out of the ab and stretching room available at Planet Fitness as well!

That’s right! Planet Fitness provides its members with a separate room specially designed for ab workout concentration and stretching in case you are planning on focusing on this area of your body in particular.

While there, you can use floor mats, ab machines and free weights as well as the stretching machines.

And to make things even better, this area also features mirrors so members can work on achieving the perfect form.
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