The New Planetary Health Diet that can Save not only Lives but also the Planet

The New Planetary Health Diet that can Save not only Lives but also the Planet

A new diet has been developed by an international team of scientists, and they say that the health can be improved at the same time with ensuring sustainable food production that can reduce further damage to the planet.

If you want to follow the planetary health diet, you will need to cut sugar and red meat consumption in half and to increase the intake of nuts, vegetables, and fruits.

Up to 11.6 million premature deaths can be prevented, the additional being that the planet will not be harmed, according to a report that was published last week in the medical journal The Lancet.

People are warned by the authors that there needs to be a global change in food and diet production as there are still 3 billion malnourished people across the world. That number includes both the over and undernourished one. Nowadays the biodiversity loss and climate change are being put on fast forward by the food production that oversteps environmental targets.

According to the authors, by 2015 the population of the world is set to reach 10 billion people and with that comes a significant amount of pollution thanks to our food production and current diet habits.

The editor in chief at The Lancet, Dr. Richard Horton, says that the stakes are very high after analyzing the findings of the report and realizing that 2 billion people overeat of the wrong foods and 1 billion people live in hunger.

There are five strategies that the report suggest to ensure people cannot harm the planet in the process of changing their diets:  shifting global production toward various crops, incentivizing people to eat healthier, stricter rules around the governing of oceans and lands, intensifying agriculture sustainably, and reducing food waste.


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