The Mediterranean Diet Is The Best Weight Loss Diet Ever

The Mediterranean Diet Is The Best Weight Loss Diet Ever

Those who follow the Mediterranean diet for weight loss are in luck. The ranking of the best weight loss diets of 2019 just published by the magazine US News and World Report, placing the Mediterranean diet at the top of the list, based on the analysis of 41 food plans made by a panel of experts in the fields of cardiology, diabetes, nutrition, and psychology.

As Isabel Bertomeu, a Dietitian-Nutritionist of the Mediterranean Diet Foundation recalls, the WHO recommended the Mediterranean diet in May 2018 to reduce diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and various types of cancer. In 2008, the foundation had already declared that it was a nutritionally healthy diet and protected biodiversity, ecosystems and traditional agricultural practices.

Although the Mediterranean diet may seem like a popular concept, the truth is that part of the population is still unclear whether or not they follow a Mediterranean diet. In this sense, Isabel Bertomeu clarifies that more than a food pattern, it is a lifestyle.

The Mediterranean Diet Is The Best Weight Loss Diet Ever
  • Use olive oil as the main addition of fat.
  • Eat foods of vegetable origin in abundance: fruits, vegetables, legumes, and nuts.
  • Bread and foods from cereals (pasta, rice and especially their wholemeal products) should be part of the daily diet.
  • Low-processed, fresh and seasonal foods are the most suitable for weight loss.
  • Eat dairy products daily.
  • Red meat should be eaten in moderation and, if possible, as part of stews and other recipes. Processed meats are consumed in small quantities and occasionally.
  • Eat plenty of fish and eggs in moderation.
  • Fresh fruit should be the usual dessert. Sweets and cakes are eaten occasionally, especially traditional desserts.
  • Water is the drink par excellence in the Mediterranean. Wine should be drunk in moderation and during meals.
  • Physical activity every day is just as important as eating right for weight loss.


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