The Breakfast Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Diet

The Breakfast Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Diet

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, according to most nutritionists. But that doesn’t mean that every breakfast food is good for you.

You may not think of it as a big deal, but there are several common mistakes people often make at breakfast that can sabotage their weight-loss efforts. Here are some common issues, along with tips on what you can do to make sure you start your day off right.

  • Eating the first thing you see.

What to do instead: Plan ahead and pick a breakfast that is full of fiber, protein, healthy fats and whole grains. These types of foods will keep you full until lunchtime. Also, try to include some fruit or vegetables in your meal to get your daily dose of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

  • Not eating anything at all.

What to do instead: Skipping breakfast might help you save some calories in the morning, but it could lead you to overeat later in the day as well as make poor food choices throughout the day. Studies have shown that those who skip breakfast tend to be heavier than those who eat breakfast regularly, so try not to let time constraints or other reasons prevent you from eating in the morning. Make sure that your breakfast has a combination of fiber (like oatmeal), protein (such as eggs) and good fats (avocado is a great choice).

  • Your breakfast isn’t filling enough.

If your breakfast consists of nothing more than coffee or a muffin, you could be setting yourself up for failure later in the day. Not only will you get hungry again quickly, but you also won’t have enough energy to get through the morning without snacking. To prevent yourself from getting hangry, include some protein and fiber in your first meal of the day — two things that will help keep you full until lunchtime.


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