The Best Vegan Ice Cream Secrets That You Need To Know

The Best Vegan Ice Cream Secrets That You Need To Know

Vegan ice cream is no longer something most people are unfamiliar with. Nowadays, even non-vegans enjoy a vegan restaurant. Over the years the vegan ice creams have evolved and plenty of recipes are now available with more ingredients.

Cream: the secret ingredient

Plenty of nonvegans try vegan ice creams and wonder why they are so tasty. The secret is the vegan cream. Dairy-free ice cream comes in plenty of flavors nowadays: a banana, peanut, butter, rice, soy, hemp milk and the list goes on and on.

There is no doubt the creamier base gives is the secret ingredient much beloved by everyone. There is nothing better than texture and fresh ingredients.

Chloe: a beloved vegan ice cream brand

Located in Union Square, Manhattan, Chloe’s Soft Serve Fruit Co. is winning more and more nonvegan fans each day with its healthy desserts.

The business was founded by a fro-yo lover in search of a healthy dessert. The ingredients used are fresh fruit, water, organic cane sugar and creamy “treats” such as pumpkin or chocolate. The first shop was in 2010 and by now the brand managed to also sell its products in schools, hospitals, and hotels.

Michael Sloan, CEO and co-founder talks about the seven-year process of the business and how they always look to change and bring the best choices for everyone.

Ben Van Leeuwen: vegan and dairy products

Another brand much beloved offers also dairy products, not only vegan. The vegan ice cream is made of raw ingredients while the dairy products are made with little stabilizers as a healthier choice.

The brand is proud of the ingredients they use such as organic coconut cream, raw cocoa butter, organic cane sugar and exotic varieties: matcha tea cake, Spirulina or almonds.


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