The Best Diet for a Longer Life Revealed in a New Study

The Best Diet for a Longer Life Revealed in a New Study

We all come to know that diet is the key to a healthy and longer life, alongside sports. But most of the menus have the goals to makes us look slimmer and not to make us follow a healthy way of life. A new study is on the market, and the researchers discovered a diet that would make live longer because of the benefits it has.

The Perfect Healthy Diet Exists?

The subject of proper diets, with benefits and a long life expectancy, is very discussed, so everybody wants to know how and if they could adopt this kind of lifestyle. It is hard to find a diet that is healthy, balanced, not make you starve, and also give a boost to your longevity. The new study is showing that eating five diverse meals of vegetables and fruit day by day, can have a lot of benefits for your health. Maybe that isn’t sounding like something new, but having potatoes, rice, bread, protein, and a lot of fluids, must become the daily lifestyle for longer life.

However, if this wasn’t new for you. The novelty of the study is linked to the time that the person eats in a day. This is a crucial key to this healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle. A professor of neuroscience from John Hopkins University School of Medicine, Dr. Mark Mattson, is the person that claims the theory of intermittent fasting diet.

A New Study Revealed the Best Diet for a Longer Life

Moreover, with intermittent fasting diets on humans and animals, the benefits appeared in cellular health. If somebody is keeping this diet, it means that the person will limit to moderate one sized meal in two days of every weak, or 5:2. This change is significant when it comes to fat and sugar. Every cell will convert the fat in energy in the metabolic process, which is an important step. After you switch to this diet, the body will have more resistance to stress, the blood sugar will regulate, and the inflammation is under control.

To sum up, not only that, you can lose weight with this diet, not only that your blood sugar regulation is ok, but the risk of diabetes and obesity are gone, and your brain will receive a boost.

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