The Best Clean Pre-Workout Supplements You Need for Extra Energy

The Best Clean Pre-Workout Supplements You Need for Extra Energy

Training your muscles at the gym to the point of total exhaustion is one sure way to build bigger arms. And surely you need a strong body if you want to impress that beautiful gym girl from your workplace. But from time to time, regardless of how much we realize the importance of a certain activity, we simply may not have the energy and motivation to embrace it. The same goes for workouts, and there’s nothing shameful about it.

Instead of looking for excuses such as “oh, well, I’m tired” or “I’m depressed/I have a burnout,” why not look for solutions? Looking at yourself in the mirror should be enough to make you realize that you want to be an active person, not a dull one who keeps making excuses to avoid working out. Look for solutions, not excuses!

Taking supplements might be the perfect way to feel motivated and full of energy again in order to hit the gym. That’s why we’re glad to mention a list of clean pre-workout supplements here that we’re sure to bring the gym beast out of you:

Promix Pre-Workout

Promix Pre-Workout is a supplement that comes in the form of powder, and it’s best when it comes to improving focus and endurance. It can also delay the effects of fatigue, and it has a good taste.

This supplement contains 200mg of caffeine, 3.2g of beta-alanine, 3g of l-tyrosine, as well as significant amounts of vitamins B12 and C.


  • Good taste and is easy to dissolve
  • A good source of the B12 and C vitamins
  • A single-serving package option


  • Doesn’t have Citrulline or any NO boosters
  • The price could be too high compared to other supplements

Jacked Factory Nitrosurge Natural

JAcked Factory Nitrosurge NAtural is a supplement that also comes in the form of powder, and it also has a peach mango flavor. It represents a good blend of ingredients that can boost performance in the gym, such as 1.6g of beta-alanine, 3g of citrulline, and 1.25g of betaine. There’s also a concentration of caffeine of 180g, obtained from green tree extract.

JAcked Factory Nitrosurge Natural costs less than $1 per serving, which makes it a very affordable option.


  • Organic caffeine
  • Natural colorants and flavors
  • Affordable prices


  • Too much caffeine
  • Limited options for flavors

BULK by Transparent Labs

BULK by Transparent Labs also comes in the form of powder, and it’s best to take it when you want to achieve better focus, reduced fatigue, as well as better performance in the gym. This supplement also comes in various flavors, meaning that you are free to choose the one that suits you best.

Among the special ingredients of BULK, we can mention Betaine, Citrulline malate, vitamin B6 and B12, and more.

It’s recommended to take this supplement about half an hour before the workout begins.


  • A good source of vitamins
  • Transparent and clean labeling with the most important ingredients and quantities
  • It has a good amount of Nitric oxide boosters


  • There’s no unflavored option to consider
  • The caffeine content might be too high in the case of those who consume other caffeinated drinks during the day.

We should all bear in mind that training in the gym more than your body can handle is no safe or rational way of building muscles. You’ll face dangerous situations in that way, such as injuries, fatigue, muscle soreness, hormonal imbalances, decreased immune function, and more.



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