The Benefits Of Green Tea Fight Against All Of Your Bad Eating Habits

The Benefits Of Green Tea Fight Against All Of Your Bad Eating Habits

Thousands of years people have been used green tea because it’s a healthy beverage, containing antioxidants and nutrients.

A study which was published in the FASEB Journal showed that green tea has a compound which can combat the negative diet from the western countries. It can help people who have gained too much weight, who have type 2 diabetes or problems with neurological function.

The American diet is unhealthy as it combines red and processed meats, saturated fats, sugar and carbs which are refined; their diet is low in whole grains, vegetables, fruit, seafood or white meat.

In China, Yangling, researchers who worked on the study at the College of Food Science and Engineering, Northwest A&F University, found out that a green tea extract called EGCG (epigallocatechingallate) can reduce obesity or development of type 2 diabetes. The test was conducted on mice which were fed foods high in fats and fructose levels. They saw that the EGCG extract reduces the levels of blood glucose in the tract and increases it in circulation, blocking the glucose uptake in the tissues.

After they conducted a detailed and group based study on different mice, they saw that the mice which ate high fat and high fructose food but also had EGCG in their water didn’t gain weight and didn’t become insulin resistant. They were reacting better in physical training and were faster and more intelligent, meaning that the EGCG added improved their hippocampus which is the responsible part of the brain that helps with memory and learning.

Researchers must conduct more studies in order to replicate the results they had on mice in human trials. There have been other studies which showed that green tea helps the metabolism, increasing antioxidant levels in the blood.

However, drinking green tea should be part of our diets because it’s a healthy beverage.


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