The 1 Simple Secret to Losing Weight and Being Healthy – Never Count Calories Again!

The 1 Simple Secret to Losing Weight and Being Healthy – Never Count Calories Again!

According to some studies, if you are on a diet, you won’t ever need to count calories as long as you focus on bettering the quality of the carbs you consume.

While figuring out the best diet is not the easiest thing for many, it appears that just making one simple change can help anyone lose weight and improve health!

The secret is to cut out processed carbs and instead, go for high quality carbs!

The list includes vegetables, fruits, beans, quinoa, lentils and whole grains such as barley, brown rice and steel cut oats.

Increasingly more detailed research shows that this one swap can help lower people’s risk of developing Type 2 diabetes, cancer, heart disease and can also help with weight loss, all without the need to count calories!

Of course, it sounds really simple but it can be a big change for many.

After all, these high quality carbs only make about 9 percent of the calorie total American citizens eat.

On the other hand, low quality, processed carbs make up 42 percent of all calories Americans consume.

They are dietary staples such as pastries, white bread, bagels, pasta, crackers, chips, breakfast cereal, juices, soft drinks, desserts and flavored yogurts.

But studies show that the fiber in high quality carbs promotes satiety, lowers inflammation, improves cholesterol levels, improves blood sugar control, and even protects you against chronic diseases.

A massive study published in the Lancet looked at the health effects of eating a variety of healthy carbs.

The analysis was based on data collected from 4,635 people in a total of 58 clinical trials.

The results showed that adults who consumed the highest levels of carbs had a 15-31 percent reduction in colorectal cancer and diabetes.

Furthermore, that was also the case for their risk of passing away as a result of heart disease or a stroke when compared to those who ate the least amount of foods rich in good quality carbs.

According to nutrition epidemiologist and co-author of the research, Andrew Reynolds, they also lost more weight “despite not being told to eat less food or do more physical activity.”

So how do you change the carbs you consume?

If you want to drop a few pounds or improve your metabolism, all you have to do is cut the empty carbs. Here’s how you do it:

–       Get rid of white foods. This includes cereal, white bread, pastries, pasta and all foods containing added sugars.

–       Add healthy carbs. It’s as simple as eating more grains, vegetables, lentils and beans.

–       Add protein and healthy fats. Seeds, nuts, eggs, avocado, yogurt, seafood and poultry are much better for you.

–       Eat more healthy grains. Instead of going for highly processed and white carbs, replace them with whole wheat breads, peas, beans, legumes, lentils, fruits, vegetables and more such unrefined carbs.

Cutting back or completely giving up on your favorite go-to refined carbs can be a difficult thing to do at first but as soon as you notice that you don’t feel as hungry and have more energy when eating the alternatives, you might just realize it’s all worth it!


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