Best Glucose And Dextrose Gels To Keep Close At All Times

Best Glucose And Dextrose Gels To Keep Close At All Times

Low blood sugar usually happens really fast and can catch you off guard, which is why you need an equally quick solution!
When blood glucose levels drop below the normal range, you can experience sweating, hunger, dizziness, confusion, weakness and anxiety.
But hypoglycemia is thankfully mild and easy to treat most of the time, one of the best ways to do it being an edible dose of dextrose or glucose!
With that being said, it is very important to have it with you wherever you go, at all times.
Without it, your hypoglycemia could end up progressing into something more problematic that can cause more severe symptoms such as seizures and even coma!

Credit: Unsplash/Adrian Swancar
Credit: Unsplash/Adrian Swancar

Dextrose comes in a few different forms, including powders, tablets and gels.
This particular guide will be talking gels since they are usually preferred over all other forms because they are easy to take and quick acting.
All you have to do is twist the top off and squeeze the gel right into your mouth.
Gel packets are also easy to carry around and hygienic in addition to ensuring that you always take the right dosage. Just make sure to squeeze the packet really well so you can get the full benefit of dextrose.
These gels usually manage to bring your blood sugar levels right back to their normal range in no more than 10 minutes, which is why you should wait for 10 to 15 minutes before you can check the values again.

Credit: Unsplash/Myriam Zilles
Credit: Unsplash/Myriam Zilles

Just keep in mind that glucose or dextrose gels, tabs or any other similar fast acting products are not meant to be used in emergency situations when someone is just about to pass out or already passed out.
In those cases, you should use a Baqsimi nasal spray or a glucagon emergency kit to treat them.
Gels are perfect for everyday fluctuations and knowing that you have a safety precaution at the ready.
But even when narrowing it down like this, you might still struggle to choose which specific product is the best for you.
Thankfully, here you can check out a list of some of the best gel packets out there with detailed descriptions of what they offer as well as links to where you can order them!

TRUEplus Glucose Gel

 This product comes in a single-use plastic container, and all you need to do to take it is to tear off the top and swallow the contents. That’s it. Quick and simple!
This gel in particular has a rather thick consistency, similar to frosting so if you are a fan of that, you will really enjoy this gel too in addition to getting the benefits of the dosage whenever your blood sugar levels go down.
As for flavors, it comes only in Fruit Punch flavor and if you are also interested in knowing the carb intake, you will be pleased to know that it only features 20 grams of carbs per container of 32 mL.
Of course, this gel is really convenient since it’s so easy to use – in theory – because some reviewers mentioned struggling to take off the top, especially when they needed it most, aka when they were dealing with low blood sugar and were weaker.
Regardless, however, it does not seem to be that big of a problem since this product has great reviews on Amazon.
Many happy buyers mentioned that they were really surprised to realize just how quickly it worked while some reported that the gel was very sweet.


If you aren’t a fan of the thick consistency of the product mentioned before, you might want to try out Glutose15 instead.
This is because this product has a much more watery consistency than most similar products currently on the market.
Furthermore, it comes in orange and strawberry flavors, each container having 15 grams of carbs.
The tear-off cap is convenient and easy to operate, and so is the squeezing of the gel out of the container and into your mouth.

Glutose 45

Glutose 45 comes in a 112.5 grams tube marked with clear directions on how much you need to squeeze to make sure you eat the correct dose every time.
With that being said, one of these tubes contains enough gel for three doses.
After all, it’s much more convenient to carry a single tube with you than to have to tote around several and just misplace them one by one.
Besides, the cap is not only easy to twist off but it can also be used multiple times.
While you can order this product from Amazon, it’s actually quite easy to find in a lot of places if you prefer to just go and pick it up. You can get it in single tube form at Kroger, CVS, Target and Walmart.
The only flavor is lemon so if you are a fan of lemonade, you’ll totally like the taste.


Insta-Glucose tubes contain 24 grams of cherry flavored dextrose gel each, which is an ideal dose to bring your blood sugar level back to normal in a matter of minutes!
It is considered so efficient that many emergency medical technicians actually carry Insta-Glucose with them whenever they respond to any calls for hypoglycemia emergencies.
Another reason for which this product is so loved is that the cap twists off really easily, allowing anyone to take the gel fast.
Unfortunately, this product is not available in many stores but you can find it on Amazon, available for order!
Speaking of Amazon, many reviewers described Insta-Glucose as a lifesaver.


Transcend is made by Transcend Foods and is only available for purchase online.
You can buy them in two three packs but also in packs of 12, 20 and 30 single pouches if you prefer.
As for the flavors, you can choose from orange and strawberry.
Both are delicious since the flavoring is natural and they are also gluten free!
In fact, this gel does not contain a lot of added ingredients, which is, obviously, ideal.
The consistency is similar to that of syrup and it is easy to swallow.


The grape flavored glucose gel from PADDOCK LABORATORIES comes in 15 gram tubes of gel, which is also equivalent to one single dose so there is no need to measure and calculate anything!
It’s simple and pure, encouraging fast ingestion and, as a result, fast action!


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