A Study Shows That Nonstick Pans Can Cause Weight Gain

A Study Shows That Nonstick Pans Can Cause Weight Gain

For sure, you have already been convinced to buy a nonstick pan by the many TV commercials you can see daily. Who would’ve thought that a product designed to cook easier and healthier can have the opposite effect? However, a recent study conducted by the researchers at the Harvard University has proven that the chemicals in nonstick pans can cause weight gain.

About obesogens

You have definitely heard of the surrounding chemicals that overwhelm the hormonal functions of the body. Up to now, at least 800 such chemicals have been discovered and all they do is to cause weight gain and other disturbances.

These are the so-called obesogens – chemicals that cause weight gain.

Nonstick pans can cause weight gain

Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) is a long chain chemical that can not naturally exist in nature. PFOA is commonly found in Teflon cooking utensils and is present in the blood of 98% of the United States population.
According to a study in the Environmental Health Perspectives, exposure to PFOA is related to thyroid disease in American adults. On the other hand, studies in lab animals suggest that PFOA should be classified as obesogen as it significantly increased the fatty tissues mass in lab guinea pigs.

According to the researchers at the Harvard University, who recently published their study’s results, also the Polyfluoroalkyl Substance (PFAS) is involved in weight gain.

The researchers put 641 humans subjects to a weight loss plan for 6 months. After 1 year and a half, some of the subjects gain even more weight than they’ve had at the beginning of the study.

Suprised by this, the scientists studied further and noticed that people who regained weight were presenting large amounts of PFAS in their blood tests.

PFAS is usually a chemical that’s used to offer products with nonstick, water-resistant, and stain resistant properties. It is mainly used in nonstick pans.

The study’s authors concluded that chemicals in nonstick pans can cause weight gain and published their study in the journal PLOS Medicine.


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