Staying Mobile After 60: A Guide to Staying Happy and Healthy

Staying Mobile After 60: A Guide to Staying Happy and Healthy

Getting older is a normal part of life. Feeling and seeing your body change every day can be scary. However, your senior years are the best phase of life to reevaluate your life and your lifestyle choices. Since you now have ample time in your hands, you can easily readjust your habits in the right direction to live a happier and healthier life. Seniors living independently and those already living under assisted living care can steer their lives in a different approach. Here are ideas to get you started:

1.  Build Social Connections

Considering that some of you are introverts, having a social life in the current world is critical, especially for your mental health. Furthermore, research approves that socially active people are happier than those who don’t socialize much. Look for ways to interact with people through your hobbies, church, volunteer work, or a support group. More so, use the available technology to reconnect with your family and friends who are far away via video calls, phone calls, etc. While it’s essential to have a social life, some individuals may require additional assistance and support to maintain their social connections. For those who may be struggling with mobility issues or require regular medical attention, assisted living facilities can be a viable option. Assisted living facilities in Omaha and nearby provide seniors with the opportunity to participate in social activities and events while also receiving the necessary care and support. 

2.  Keep Physically Active

Physical activity helps delay signs of aging, and more so, it ensures that your body is strong and your weight is in control. It also helps manage most of these chronic illnesses, including; blood pressure, diabetes, heart diseases, osteoporosis, etc. No one is too old to engage in physical activity. Start with easy exercises of about 30 minutes a few days a week to give your body the momentum it needs. As your body warms up to it over time, you can gradually work up to more moderate and intense workouts and even increase the workout time to your liking.

3.  Enhance Your Look

Looking good keeps you confident amongst the masses and restores your sense of purpose. As you take care of your physique, your overall appearance should also match it. So, maintain your general hygiene, get that haircut or change your hairstyle, refresh your wardrobe if you want to, use the right skin products, drink plenty of water and eat the right foods—all these work hand-in-hand in keeping your physical look and wellness in check.

4.  Limit Alcohol and Smoking

Alcohol and cigarettes increase the chances of exposure to chronic conditions. These habits are not the simplest to let go of due to the addiction they bring. However, with determination and positive mentorship, you can curb them. The first way to do this is to avoid social invites that trigger you into using them and look for other social engagements. Your physician can also guide you through limiting their intake or stop taking them altogether.

5.  Get Enough Sleep

As you engage in more exercise, you will notice that your sleeping habits also improve with time. Every senior adult is recommended to maintain a 7-8 hours sleeping pattern each night. If you continue experiencing insomnia episodes, talk to your doctor to establish its cause and give you more solutions to handle it.

6.  Laugh More

Surprisingly, laughing has more lasting wellness benefits to our bodies than you can imagine. Despite exercise being known for a long time to release endorphins from the brain, laughter is also an excellent endorphin booster that will make you feel better.

Simple methods like socializing with family and friends, watching a comedy show or a funny movie, participating in activities that you love can help enhance a joyful lifestyle. So, whenever you get a good chance to laugh it off, don’t hesitate to.

7.  Pick Up New Hobbies

You now have all the time to experiment and learn something new every day. If you were time-constrained in the past, now you have the chance to try out everything you ever wanted to do without hesitation. Breaking from your regular pattern challenges your mental capacity, and every step is still exciting, no matter the difficulty. It’s easier to look forward to a new day when you have new things to do.

8.  Don’t Skip Your Health Checkups

Unfortunately, most of us only go for a checkup when sickly. It shouldn’t be so! Do it differently this time around and schedule health checkups to ensure that your health is in check and detect problems earlier before they magnify into severe conditions. Also, if you are already under any medication, review them with your doctor always and report adverse side effects for a change of medication if need be.  

There’s never an age limit to trying something new or to readjust your life to the direction you want. Every day is a chance to live a better life by building better habits.

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