Satiating Diet – A New Scheme That Can Help You Lose Weight

Satiating Diet – A New Scheme That Can Help You Lose Weight

If you ever heard of or tried the keto diet, you know how limiting it can be, and why not many people can adopt it in spite of the successful loss of weight. A new diet trend surfaced, known as the ‘satiating diet’ that is said to have somewhat similar benefits to the keto diet but with no restrictions on entire food groups such as carbs.

As said by a new report issued in the journal Scientific American, the brand new satiating diet has been proved to aid people controlling their weight and health by consuming healthy foods that are particularly satiating.

The author of the study, Shirin Pahani, Ph.D., a postdoctoral researcher of physical education and kinesiology at Université Laval in Quebec City, Canada​ states that the satiating diet has foods that are high in protein such as meat and fish, high in fiber such as whole grains, fruits, and vegetables.

It also includes healthy fats like those contained by avocados, probiotic-rich dairy items, and capsaicin, which is the substance that makes spicy peppers spicy.

What is the ‘satiating diet?’

The overall idea of the new diet scheme is that no food group is entirely prohibited, but you should consume foods that have high-nutrient content while being satiating at the same time.

Panahi says that each of the foods included in the satiating diet has specific features that benefit people’s health either by reducing hunger, burning body fat, lowering blood sugar, enhancing blood pressure or improving metabolism. He added that eating after the diet’s scheme at all times, you could maintain a healthy weight.

As said by a research in the British Journal of Nutrition in which volunteers adopted either the satiating diet, consuming 20-25 percent protein, 45-5- percent carbs and 30-35 percent fats, or a normal diet, eating 10 to 25 percent protein, 55-60 percent carbs and 30 percent fats, those following the satiating diet lost more weight and body fat, felt satiated and reported they feel able to follow the diet easily.

However, a successful small study, having only 69 male participants does not imply that satiating plan will function for everyone. Still, it seems like a great way to eat for general health, even if you want to lose weight or not.


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