Rules on How to Train Properly When You’re a Beginner!

Rules on How to Train Properly When You’re a Beginner!

Strength training is the perfect way to get a lean, strong physique and improve your health. You have decided to start weight training, which means you have taken the first step in a very long journey. However, many beginners, unfortunately, end up losing interest and dropping out because they do not know the basics of weight training.

If you want to build muscle and strength, then it is important that you focus on building the foundations first. This article will tell you about 5 golden rules of strength training for beginners. These basic rules will help you maximize your muscle gain and minimize your risk of injury.


Rule 1: Keep your strength-training sessions brief and intense to avoid overtraining. To be successful in this exercise, which should not take more than 45 minutes, you must be able to sustain the greatest possible level of intensity during the whole session.

Rule #2: Perform many sets of each exercise: For a novice, three to five sets of six to ten repetitions should be plenty.

The third rule is to take no more than 90 seconds to recover after each set before going on to the next one.

Rule #4: Begin by training just twice a week for the first several weeks. Get enough of sleep, eat a nutrient-dense diet, and drink lots of water between workouts to give your body a chance to rest and recuperate. In the absence of enough recovery time, your body will break down, and your development will finally come to a complete standstill.

Rather than isolation workouts such as bicep curls or leg extensions, concentrate on compound exercises that activate numerous muscle groups. Examples of compound exercises are squat jumps, pushups, pull ups, and rows, which help you gain strength and muscular mass more quickly.


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