The Reason You Get Fat Without Knowing Why

The Reason You Get Fat Without Knowing Why

Even though we try to maintain our weight by doing sports or eating as healthy as we can sometimes it’s just not enough. This problem may have different causes but the most frequent is the combination of different things that eventually have awful results. A relevant example is mixing sugary drinks with high protein foods that can not only have severe effects on our health but also make us gain more weight.

People wouldn’t believe this and this is why many groups of researchers gathered and began analyzing the facts in order to determine the cause and examine the effects. Agricultural Research Service Grand Forks Human Nutrition Center is one of the centers whose study examined how certain combinations of foods and drinks affect fat deposits. After feeding the 27 individuals high protein food mixed with sugary and non-sugary drinks they found out that there are indeed some differences in the results.

Combining high protein meals with sugary drinks does not only mean more fat storage but also gaining weight faster than usual.

One of the authors of the conducted study, Doctor Shanon Casperson blamed the sugary drinks-high protein meals combination for problems like having a less efficient metabolism. In other words, due to the increased number of calories from the sugary drinks, the body metabolism slows down, thus, the meals are harder to digest. To be even more specific, it turns out that sugary drinks only slowed down the fat oxidation process.

But there is more to it. Not only did it slow down the metabolism, but the tested individuals began to have certain cravings. After they ate high protein meals and drank something with a considerable amount of sugar, the individuals felt the need to eat shortly after the meal something salty, for example.

The study results could also be the answer to high obesity rate from regions like North America.

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