Prunes May Help You When The Holiday Cravings Kick In, Here’s Why

Prunes May Help You When The Holiday Cravings Kick In, Here’s Why

With the Christmas season in high gear, individuals are bombarded with a plethora of options to delight in delicious, calorie-dense meals, making it more difficult to stick to their health objectives and make healthy choices. Prunes, according to a new study from the University of Liverpool in England, can help manage hunger and lower total calorie consumption, making them an ideal snack to put holiday temptations away.

The research was split into two parts. The authors assessed satiety, hunger, and caloric consumption in the initial stage of the study among participants who ate a snack of prunes, raisins, or jelly-bean-like candies, all of which were similar in caloric intake. The people who ate prunes had the least calories overall at future meals, according to the scientists. Lower appetite, enhanced satiety, and a stronger perceived capacity to consume less food at following meals were also noted by prune snackers.

The scientists concentrated on weight reduction in the report’s phase 2. Subjects were split into two clusters: individuals who underwent a 12-week weight reduction program that included prunes as snacks, and participants who completed the same program but just received advice on healthy snacks.

Study results

“Prunes did not produce a detrimental effect on mean weight loss over 12 weeks versus control (prune group: −1.99 kg; active control: −1.53 kg), nor on decrease in waist circumference (prune group: −2.40 cm; active control: −1.74 cm). No additional benefit on weight loss was seen (between-group difference was non-significant). The daily intake of prunes was well-tolerated. Phase 1 demonstrated that prune snacks produced beneficial changes in appetite. Phase 2 demonstrated that prunes did not undermine weight management, and this warrants further study,” reads the study’s conclusion.

Because of their beneficial impact on satiety and hunger management, nutrient-packed prunes can give an edge over other snack options, according to this research.


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