Prime Energy Drink Ingredients: How Much Caffeine is in the Drink?

Prime Energy Drink Ingredients: How Much Caffeine is in the Drink?

It came as quite a surprise when the Majority Leader of the United States Senate, Chuck Schumer, demanded that the appropriate authorities look into an energy drink that was marketed by two prominent YouTubers, KSI, and Logan Paul. What might possibly be the explanation for this?

According to Mr. Schumer, the beverage is marketed to youngsters despite the fact that it contains a significant amount of caffeine. As a consequence of this, he told reporters in New York on Sunday that there were some parents who had purchased the caffeinated drink for their kids without realizing it.

How Much Caffeine is in the Prime Energy Drink?

The non-caffeinated version of Prime Hydration was introduced to the market by KSI and Logan Paul back in 2022. It immediately became a phenomenon on the internet, leading to long lines and even people diving headlong into shelves in retail locations.

A disclaimer is included on each can of the beverage, stating that it should not be consumed by anybody under the age of 18, anyone who has a sensitivity to caffeine, or pregnant women (including breastfeeding mothers). To what extent, then, ought we to be concerned about the Prime Energy Drink?

Each can of Prime Energy includes 200 milligrams of caffeine, which is about twice as much as is found in the leading competitive energy drink, Red Bull. In point of fact, let’s evaluate the Prime drink in contrast to some other beverages that are similar to it:

  • Red Bull – 80mg (250ml)
  • Coca Cola original – 32mg (330ml)
  • Burn – 112mg (354ml)
  • Nos – 160mg (473ml)
  • Monster – 160mg (473ml)
  • Rockstar – 300mg (473ml)
  • Lucozade – 46mg (380ml)

Some schools all throughout the world have issued warnings regarding Prime beverages, while others have completely banned them on their campuses. For instance, the Maryborough State High School in Queensland, Australia, as well as the Milton Primary School in Newport, Wales, have both imposed bans on the consumption of energy drinks.

In Queensland, Australia’s Maryborough State High School made the following statement:

There are some new energy or hydration drinks that have recently hit the market…some of which have 4 TIMES the caffeine or stimulant as ‘regular’ energy drinks.

Do you have any experience using Prime Energy? What are your feelings on these allegations, and where do you stand?


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