Pediatric Hypertension Is On The Rise Worldwide

Pediatric Hypertension Is On The Rise Worldwide

High blood pressure or hypertension is considered a condition that affects only the adults. However, the Argentinian doctors revealed that high blood pressure is also common in some children, a fact that is, unfortunately, affecting kids all over the world. Pediatric hypertension can be prevented, though.

Risk factors for pediatric hypertension

It has been proved already that hypertension emerges in childhood and, according to specialists, more and more children and adolescents are suffering from hypertension as they are, at the same time, more and more affected by obesity.

In young children, it is more likely to occur due to the kidney, vascular, and endocrine diseases, among others, but in teenagers, the most common cause is primary or essential hypertension condition, which will follow them for the whole life.

Besides, in children, there are also hereditary and environmental risk factors. Also, an unhealthy diet is an important risk factor for high blood pressure in children.

A healthy diet for your kids can protect them from pediatric hypertension

Now that you also know that diet can be one of the causes of childhood hypertension, you, therefore, must adopt a healthy diet for your children.

In many cases, high blood pressure is diagnosed in overweight or obese children, or in those who adopt a sedentary lifestyle and diets rich in fats and salt, such as fast-food and snacks.

In those cases, through weight loss, regular physical exercise, and a healthy and balanced diet the effects of high blood pressure could be diminished forever, the specialists say.

Thus, kids should avoid the excess of fats, salt, junk food, as well as sugar, in order to prevent high blood pressure occurrence and overweight and obesity, which both may lead to several other more serious illnesses, such as type 2 diabetes.

In conclusion, Argentinian doctors revealed that pediatric hypertension is on the rise in Argentina but also affects kids all over the world due to more and more overweight and obese kids, in special. Luckily, high blood pressure in children and teenagers can be prevented with a healthy diet and lifestyle.


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