Paleo Diet linked To Heart Disease, New Research Showed

Paleo Diet linked To Heart Disease, New Research Showed

A new study is saying that people that are under a Paleo diet may not be 100 percent risk-free when it comes to their health. The diet has been associated with heart disease, holding two times the blood biomarkers that are associated with heart disease.

What is the Paleo diet?

This diet has been created in the ’70s and has seen an increase in popularity since that time. The name comes from Paleolithic and supporters of the diet believe that we should consume much of the same foods our ancestors from that time did.

This means consuming mainly meat, fish, eggs, nuts, fruits, and vegetables, leaving out whole grains, dairy, and processed foods with meat being the primary source of nourishment on the list.

It certainly sounds reasonable, as the promoted foods are natural and the scrapped foods are processed in one way or another. But science does not agree with the claims that the Paleo diet is better for gut health.

Paleo diet linked to heart disease

TMAO is an organic compound currently associated with higher risks of heart disease and is generated in the gut as a result of the metabolic process. The study has compared one group that follows a Paleo diet and another that follows a diet close to the national recommendation.

The results have shown that TMAO markers in the bloodstream were discovered at higher in the Paleo diet group. But more extreme levels were only found in a couple of participants that strictly followed the recommendations of their diet.

With the exclusion of grain, dairy, and some vegetables, more reliance is needed on animals for protein intake. Researchers have linked this with increased TMAO levels.

The purpose of the study is to discover what kind of food intake is needed for healthy gut and heart. It has been found that a range of fiber-rich foods is necessary for a healthy, balanced body. This means that the elimination of whole grains, Paleo followers are missing out on the essentials.


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