The Olive Oil Is Not Lowering The Blood Pressure If Not Combined With The Right Foods, A New Study Reveals

The Olive Oil Is Not Lowering The Blood Pressure If Not Combined With The Right Foods, A New Study Reveals

The olive oil is not lowering the blood pressure if not combined with the right foods, according to a recent study, despite the fact that research has shown that olive oil can alone reduce blood pressure and can fortify the cardiovascular system.

Healthy Mediterranean Diet
The Mediterranean Diet has gained a positive reputation for some years now and even some older studies have revealed that the Mediterranean Diet supports a healthy cardiovascular system and protects against strokes, cardiovascular disorders, and heart attacks. Besides, the Mediterranean Diet is also protecting against type 2 diabetes.

Even though no scientifical evidence has proven the benefits of the Mediterranean Diet, the majority of its adepts considered that the heart-protective characteristics of the Mediterranean Diet are thanks to the use of olive oil, which is a base-ingredient in this specific type of diet.

However, a team of British researchers from King’s College in London has recently proven that the olive oil needs to be combined with the right foods (lettuce, for example) in order to lower the blood pressure.

Olive oil in combination with vegetables rich nitrates
When the olive oil’s unsaturated fatty acids are combined with vegetables rich in nitrates, the nitro-fatty acids are released, which have been shown to have the ability of blocking a specific enzyme that can produce increased of blood pressure.

The researchers conducted their tests on lab mice. The British scientists often checked the blood pressure of the lab mice and they have noticed that the nitro fatty acids have considerably decreased the mice blood pressure.

At the opposite pole, the blood pressure readings of the mice group fed with olive oil alone remained high.

According to the researchers, the reduction in the blood pressure in Mediterranean Diet occurs because of the nitro fatty acids which block the enzyme which can cause hypertension.

The scientists’ conclusions suggest that only the mix of olive oil and vegetables rich in nitrates is good for lowering blood pressure, and not the olive oil alone.


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