Nike Training Club Exercise Videos to Launch on Netflix!

Nike Training Club Exercise Videos to Launch on Netflix!

Netflix announced that Nike Training Club exercise videos will soon be available on the popular streaming service for all subscribers to enjoy.

That being said, if you are excited about it, you’ll be happy to learn that the first batch of videos will become available on December 30!

As you may or may not know, Nike Training Club videos used to be exclusive to the Android and iOS app, guiding users through their exercise and wellness programs.

But now, Nike has decided to upload more than 30 hours of their videos to Netflix, releasing this amount in two different parts and making them available in 10 languages.

This is great news due to the fact that until now, users could not watch these videos on a TV screen unless they connected their phone to one through either an HDMI cable or wirelessly using AirPlay or a Chromecast.

Naturally, working out while closely watching a small phone screen can be quite tricky, which can lead to more excuses not to exercise. But no more of that!

The release on Netflix should give people one less excuse not to move while also allowing Nike’s program to have a bigger reach, of course.

Either way, Nike Training Club was one of the first high profile mobile apps back in 2009 when it first launched – and for good reason!

It is highly customizable, allowing users to enter their fitness goals and offering them the right warm-ups and exercises for what they need as well as tips and ways to motivate them to keep up with the program.

Not only that but the service also added Apple Watch support back in 2018 as well as adaptive workouts for those with different disabilities earlier this year.

The first batch of videos coming to Netflix will include a total of 46 different videos split into 5 categories, each with its own goal such as “Two Weeks to a Stronger Core,” “Fall in Love with Vinyasa Yoga” and “Feel-Good Fitness.”

The second batch will be released sometime in 2023.

When the series becomes available on the streaming service, make sure to access it by simply searching “Nike.”

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