New Study Reveals That 88% of Americans are Metabolically “Unfit”

New Study Reveals That 88% of Americans are Metabolically “Unfit”

There’s a good chance that Americans are not among the nations that eat the healthiest, regardless if they admit it or not. A recent study even brings the shocking conclusion that 88% of Americans are considered “uinfit,” metabolically speaking, according to

The same source reveals that Utah professor Ben Bikman, Ph.D., is there to even bring an explanation to the problem.

It’s almost always about the diet

If a person is metabolically ‘unfit,’ it almost always has to do with how and what he or she eats. Since giving up eating for good has proven to cause death in the end after a series of severe health issues, that’s certainly not an option to consider. But instead, taking care of what and how a person eats is a much better idea.

Here’s what Bikman said, as quotes:

It’s simply our diet,

We’re eating the wrong kinds of foods in the wrong quantities, and it’s making us not only fatter, but sicker.

Here’s another problem to the whole equation: the US government itself has issued advice on the Americans’ diet. Thus, the so-called ‘food pyramid’ was introduced, and people began to be more willing to consume unhealthy and refined carbohydrates.

Bikman also explained, as quoted by the same source mentioned above: 

For the first time in history, we had a government telling us what to eat,

Encouraging us to eat far more refined carbs, and much less healthy fats and proteins, and our weight and health have only suffered for it.

Feel free to tell us in the comment section about your own ways of dealing with unhealthy eating! What do you think a healthy diet should look like?

If you also had problems with excess weight, feel free to share your experience with us and how you managed to overcome the issue!

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