Managing Glucocorticoids Stress Hormones Secretion Leads To A Lower Weight Gain

Managing Glucocorticoids Stress Hormones Secretion Leads To A Lower Weight Gain

Scientists from the Stanford University observed that managing the rhythm of secretion of the glucocorticoids hormones leads to a lower weight gain. This recent study brings the first molecular proof that chronic stress negatively impacts on the weight, a fact that has been observed statistically and during various studies but has never been 100% scientifically proved. The study focused, primarily, on finding an answer to why the treatments for rheumatoid arthritis and asthma are causing obesity.

“This research explains why glucocorticoid treatments are so related to obesity and suggest ways in which such treatments can be administered without the common side effects of weight gain and loss of bone quality,” explained Mary Teruel, the leading study’s author, speaking of the importance of this research.

In healthy individuals, glucocorticoid hormones levels go up and down throughout the day, reaching their peak in the morning and decreasing significantly in during the night.

It has been observed that the glucocorticoids are triggering a cellular process which transforms cells into fat cells, besides the fact that the more glucocorticoid is the body secreting, the more stress is induced.

Increased glucocorticoids stress hormones secretion linked to weight gain

In regular conditions, not more than 1% of the cells of a healthy individual turn into fat cells.

Studying this problem further, the researchers were able to determine that within a 48-hour glucocorticoid cycle of increased glucocorticoids secretion is triggering more cells to turn into fat cells. On the other hand, shorter periods of glucocorticoids secretion differentiated by around 12 hours lead to an insignificant number of fat cells formed from regular cells.

The researchers have examined the results in lab mice for more than 20 days and discovered that the intense secretion of glucocorticoids doubled the fat tissues in mice. Even though the animals were fed the same, only those mice which were injected with glucocorticoids increased in fat mass.

The scientists concluded that an increased glucocorticoids stress hormones secretion leads to a lower weight gain and even to weight loss, in the long-run, and this can be achieved by managing the glucocorticoids secretion rhythm.


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