Low-Fat Diet Can Cause Obesity and Damage to the Liver

Low-Fat Diet Can Cause Obesity and Damage to the Liver

What Foods Are Making You Fat

In general, people want to lose weight try to cut off from their diet foods that have a high fat content. However, a new research made by the scientists at the University of Georgia has shown that a low-fat diet can still cause obesity and even serious damage to the liver, in a manner that is similar to heavy drinking.

But Why Is That?

This happens because food manufacturers replace the fats found in the food with sugar, which is even more dangerous. The researchers who were in charge with the study accused the food manufacturers that they are masking the real amount of sweet products found in the meals that wear fancy names. As such, people are misled and think that what they are eating is healthy.

Professors Krzysztof Czaja, who is the lead author of the study, explained that most products which are marketed as being diet ones have more sugar than you would expect. The fancy names give consumers the impression that they are in fact eating something healthy. However, in reality the foods are really damaging for the liver, and can even lead to obesity.

More about the Study

The study lasted for 4 weeks and the researchers gave several rats a balanced diet, a low-fat and high-sugar one or a high-fat, high-sugar diet. They looked at the calories intake, body weight, faecal samples and body composition in the three groups of rats.

In the end, they saw that the low-fat, high-sugar and high-fat, high-sugar groups had less body weight, body fat and liver fat, in comparison to the balanced diet group. The study also showed that diet foods can cause fat build-up, which are further linked to brain inflammation and liver disease. As such, you have to be careful with what you are eating.


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