Life-Changing Netflix Health Documentaries To Watch In 2019

Life-Changing Netflix Health Documentaries To Watch In 2019

We know, Netflix means lots of entertainment for every one of us, such as movies and TV series. However, Netflix is more than that, as it is also offering some of the best workout videos out there for you to get in shape with Netflix from home. In this article, we’ll talk about the top life-changing Netflix health documentaries to watch in 2019.

Below, you can see which ones are the top life-changing Netflix health documentaries to watch in 2019, a selection of movies that you might have overlooked until now. Anyway, it’s never too late to address your bad dietary habits and adopt a healthy living style, so these health documentaries on Netflix would be useful for you in your journey towards losing weight and being fit.

Top Life-Changing Netflix Health Documentaries To Watch In 2019

Forks Over Knives

A “Bible” for vegetarians, but not only, Forks over Knives, one of the best life-changing Netflix health documentaries, is promoting a plant-based diet. According to the movie, cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular conditions, and other chronic illnesses might be prevented or cured by adopting a vegetarian diet, based on everything else than animal-based products.

But it’s not only about a plant-based diet. Forks over Knives also talks about a whole-food-based diet. That means more whole cereals, vegetables, foods, but it also means the cutoff of pharmaceuticals.

The Truth About Alcohol

Produced in 2016, The Truth About Alcohol represents one of the best Netflix health documentaries because it debates the long-life questions of some people – Is alcohol good for human health or not? The movie is based on the studies conducted by British ER doctor Javid Abdelmoneim. The doc’s idea came after he thought that the new UK Health’s based guideline on alcohol consumption is a little bit strict.

In this health documentary, Dr. Abdelmoneim tries to explain not only the bad news related to alcohol consumption but also the benefits of alcohol.

My Beautiful, Broken Brain

A patient with hemorrhagic stroke and undergoes emergency brain surgery, the 34-year-old Lotje Sodderland, is the main character in this one of the best life-changing Netflix health documentary. As she was suffering from aphasia, a language impairment that doesn’t permit a person to normally speak, read, and write so that she couldn’t be anymore a normal person.

However, she managed to come up with a new POV on her condition. Sodderland started to film herself as she was trying to deal with her new illness caused by brain damage. The best thing about this documentary, mainly for movie buffs, is that David Lynch, producer of this documentary, is the same one who wrote and directed Twin Peaks series, Mulholland Drive, Blue Velvet, and the long-forgotten Eraserhead, some of the principal masterpieces of him.

A Life of Its Own: The Truth About Medical Marijuana

Helen Kapalos, an Australian journalist, reported the fight against bowel cancer of a young man, a situation that changed her life. Even more when the young man found relief in illegal marijuana. After that tragic event, Kapalos quit her job and dedicate herself to this documentary and to learning more about the beneficial effects of medical marijuana, ignoring the Big Pharma pressures.

In A Life Of Its Own, one of the best Netflix health documentaries, Kapalos debates medical marijuana’s benefits, trying to show to the world that the stigmas surrounding this drug are not always righteous.


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