Keto Diet Is Beneficial Only If Your Metabolism Is Up To It

Keto Diet Is Beneficial Only If Your Metabolism Is Up To It

Keto diet has become the most popular way to lose weight, and many celebrities and fitness-enthusiasts recommend it. Changing the way your metabolism works can prove efficient, but remember that metabolism is a natural process, and trying to intervene artificially can cause severe damage.

The intervention must be supervised by a specialist that understands the entire ensemble. Keto diet works by inducing ketosis. The body goes into this metabolic state when the body is deprived of glucose. The brain is using glucose as its natural fuel. Our body converts carbs into sugar glucose.

So, there are two sources of brain fuel: carbs and sugar. When they aren’t available, the liver starts producing ketones that can replace glucose for the brain to do its job. The liver converts ketones from fat. This is why the keto diet is a diet based on massive amounts of fat.

Up to 75% of your diet, when you go keto, must be fat. Protein shouldn’t overcome 20%. This means that meat isn’t the only primary food source in the keto diet but cheddar cheese, butter, eggs, and mayonnaise. Everything that will cause your cholesterol to fly over the roof. But, looks are important too.

The Keto Diet Versus The Metabolism

Avocados are the only friendly fruit for the keto diet. All the other fruits are strictly limited. A banana or an apple, since they are rich in carbs, might prove to overcome the 5% carbs you are allowed to eat every day.

However, not any metabolism can be forced to make such a change. Physicians and nutritionists must give their consent. Not your favorite celebrities, not your best friend, and no article you might read online. Remember, there are significant implications in this process.

No fitness enthusiast, such as Lisa Miller, says: “I’m constantly on the Keto diet. I don’t even think of it as a diet but more as a lifestyle” – should be enough to go keto. You need a specialist, not an enthusiast.

Studies have shown that, in the long term, the keto diet is consistent with obesity and diabetes. You can’t play with the metabolism and expect to win at its game. Keto diet might work, and it might be recommended, but such a dramatic and artificial intervention on a natural process can’t last.

So, if you decide to go keto diet, do it. But first, consult a specialist and find if your metabolism is ready to go keto. Second, don’t push it. Don’t let your body stay in ketosis for too long. Let it be a journey, don’t make it a lifestyle

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