Is 48-Hour Fasting Beneficial or Damaging to Your Health?

Is 48-Hour Fasting Beneficial or Damaging to Your Health?

An increasingly popular diet trend is fasting, described as only drinking 0 calories fluids for a specified period. Specialists suggest that, if you want to try 48-hour fast, you should start by skipping dinner on a specific day, and then not eating until two days after, by dinner time.

This should be done a maximum two times per month, as opposed to once per week as some might think. It is also suggested that, if this is a first for you, to only try 16 to 36 hours fasting beforehand, to find out how your organism reacts to such practice. Moreover, after the fasting period, to avoid calorie compensation that can cause you to gain back the weight loss, you should opt for low-calories snacks.

Find out the benefits of 48-hour fasting

Although research in this concern mostly focused on the benefits of 8-16 hour fasting, specialists say that fasting for more extended periods also has its perks. Such benefit of 48-hour fasting is the regulation of blood sugar, since fasting blood sugar levels decrease by 20% if only drinking 0 calories fluids for two days. Not eating for more than 24 hours causes the glycogen to be used by the organism, thus decreasing the level of insulin.

Moreover, it can significantly impact your weight by cutting down roughly 8000 calories per month (if done regularly once per month). This will also increase your metabolic rate by a rate of 3.6 to 14 percent.

Fasting could cause a reduction of chronic inflammation and could also slow down the aging process by delaying the aging of tissue.

Here are the negative aspects that may occur during 48-hour fasting

However, there are several negative aspects one should keep in mind when trying this diet. Pregnant or breastfeeding women, people suffering from eating disorders, type 1 diabetes of low blood pressure are advised to stay away from fasting.

One study shows that, from 768 respondents, 72 percent of them reported side effects including sleeping problems, hunger, fatigue or dizziness or even exhaustion, which means that if you want to try this, you need to be strong and determined enough to be able to go through these symptoms.


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