Introduction to Acro Yoga: 3 Person Yoga Poses You Have to Try

Introduction to Acro Yoga: 3 Person Yoga Poses You Have to Try

Trio yoga is an intriguing combination of yoga, cheering, and zen meditation, with a healthy dose of laughter thrown in for good measure. Acro Yoga capitalizes on the fact that yoga has progressed beyond the confines of simply you practicing on the mat. You may now bring in a second person, or even a third person, to create a communal experience that is both demanding and exciting, consisting of flying acrobatics, creative workout, and deep stretching.

Delve into more cool details about Acro Yoga and find out the best 3 person yoga poses!

Acro Yoga: the Facts

Acro yoga movements require a great deal of strength and flexibility, in addition to balance and communication, in order to be performed successfully. Imagine the following: yoga, gymnastics, and acrobatics in a nutshell. Because of its myriad advantages and one-of-a-kind photographic opportunities, this combination of physical activity and creative expression is quickly gaining popularity.

Simple Yoga Positions for a Group of Three

Beginners in yoga should only immediately dive into acro yoga after first engaging in enough preparation and training. If you aren’t properly prepared and grounded, you risk serious injuries when doing acro yoga, which is not for those who are easily scared.

To begin, sit in lotus posture facing one another in a circle, back-to-back. Take a few breaths together to become in tune with each other’s bodies and establish a connection to your sense of balance.

3-Way Lord of the Dance (Natarajasana) Pose

The Lord of the Dance is a great balancing pose for immediate warmup. The nicest thing about it is that you must experiment to perfect the interlocking grip. Follow these steps to get there:

  1. Begin by forming a circle with all of the yogis facing inward toward the center
  2. Make your weight shift to one leg and flex your left knee behind you, keeping your right leg straight
  3. Grab hold of the inner side of your left ankle with one hand, and gently kick your rear glute up until your foot is lifted into a complete “Lord of the Dance” stance with the other hand
  4. Extend the arm that is opposite your dominant hand up and forward, and make a prayer sign with your hands with the other yogis in the center of the circle
  5. Lean on the shoulders of your other yogis for support and steadiness, and breathe as one
  6. It should be repeated on the opposite side
Triple Warrior III

It would be best to give the Triple Warrior III a go once you have been accustomed to being near your other partners. These are the exact steps:

  1. Form a circle with everybody toward the middle as the starting point
  2. Raise your arms over your head as you inhale, palms facing inward
  3. Exhale, and put the majority of your weight on your right leg
  4. When you take a deep breath in, make an opening at the waist and extend your left leg behind you
  5. As you enter Warrior III, press all your hands firmly against one another or interlock your arms. Make adjustments to your stance as necessary to maintain your balance
  6. Make an effort to maintain your body in the shape of a T, with your hips pointing toward the ground
  7. Repeat, too, on the opposite side
The Box Trio

The Box Trio is the last yoga position that we recommend for groups of three people:

  1. Two people rest on their backs while holding their head crowns close, almost touching
  2. Next, they both raise their legs up and gently bend their knees to make space for the flyer to come into position
  3. The person on top will move their shoulders onto one base’s feet and then elevate their lower body onto the other
  4.  The bases might have to adjust slowly and force their legs upward until they attain a straight-legged position with their feet beneath the flyer’s shoulders and toes
  5. The person on top will shift their shoulders onto one base’s feet and then lift their lower body onto the other
  6. While the bases are fully supporting the flyer’s body weight and breathing deeply, the flyer maintains the Savasana position


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