How Many Fruits And Vegetables We Need In Order To Stay Healthy?

How Many Fruits And Vegetables We Need In Order To Stay Healthy?

A new study from McMaster University has revealed that a dose of 375g of fruit is enough to reduce many health risks and it will help your body. The surprising part of the research was discovering that huge quantities of fruit will have the same effect as the 375g dose.

The researchers studied over 135,000 participants from all around the world for between 5.5 and 9.3 years. The persons who consumed at least 375g of fruit were way healthier than the ones that consumed 125g portions and they had a reduction in risk of death by 22%, However, things were the same for people who had a bigger fruit portion.

These results are especially useful for poor continents and it does not mean that you should eat fewer fruits. “In western countries like North America and Europe we don’t want to suggest that [people] should start eating less fruit and vegetables – we think that it is part of an overall healthy diet and there is benefit from eating more,” one of the researchers said.

The results can help low-income families

The World Health Organisation currently recommends a 400g dose as the minimum fruit dose. This research might change that and a smaller dose means less money spent. This is good news for poor families, especially for those who live in regions where fruits are very expensive. “Even a small reduction from 400g to 375g a day may have important implications on household spending and food security in poorer countries,” the researchers note.

The results might help many families maintain a healthy lifestyle for less money. “That 25g [difference] is about 2% of total household income in low-income countries,” said Victoria Miller, one of the authors.

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