Hipsters And Vegans – When Will The Joking End?

Hipsters And Vegans – When Will The Joking End?

Plenty of people have adopted a vegan life style worldwide. According to many writers and vegans, hipsters are very comfortable with veganism. For those vegans wondering where to eat when traveling, there are plenty of websites offering suggestions of the best restaurants in town. There is an observation that has to be made. It seems that worldwide most vegan-friendly places are in hipster neighborhoods. Also, most restaurants even have the word hipsters in their advertising name.

What vegans notice about hipsters?

Buchanan, a vegan columnist, makes plenty of observations in his posts and he mentions Stephen Colbert. For those who are not familiar with Colbert, he is a comedian and Tv host and writer, famous for his talk shows (CBS, The Late Show).

According to Buchanan, Colbert aims at a young, hipster audience. His audience seems to enjoy vegan jokes. He was even applauded for joking that vegans were ill due to tainted food. However, after losing a bet, the comedian had to try becoming a vegan for 17 days.

Other observations made by a vegan columnist

During his trip in Sidney, Buchanan noticed in an American style restaurant in the Darlinghurst area that the menu had only one “vegan” item and that it was presented as a mocking experience According to him, this typical hipster attitude is due to the fact that they consider vegans to be whining and annoying.

Why do hipsters like to mock vegans?

The answer given by the columnist is that they mock vegans because they treat nothing seriously and enjoy mocking everything. Another explication might be due to the fact that there are still plenty of hipsters who are not vegans and also because the vegan life style is not as fragile as in the past so that it will shatter with a couple of ridicules.


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